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Wow, I keep forgetting about DeviantArt >_>;;
I still tend to haunt tumblr the most, and that's where I pop most of my drawings. So sorry for the influx of drawings. I'm shifting a few over here.
Several of them are gift arts, or commissions for tumblr people.
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So as I've mentioned on other sites, though I don't think I've said it here, I moved up to Raleigh a month or two ago with my sister. She's got a job now, though the hours are shit, and I got a job, but it apparently doesn't even start until the end of October. She's currently looking for a second job and I'm looking for a temp job to hold us over until my full time one starts, but our funds are pretty much depleted, or getting there fast. Even if I found a temp job tomorrow we wouldn't be able to make some of the bills without trying to get a cash advance on a credit card. So at this point any little bit helps, even if it's just for groceries.

My ebook got picked up by a small press, but I have no idea when it'll actually be published. So I'm going to be doing commissions, if anyone's interested. I also put this page up when I first moved, for anyone that follows my webcomic.
If you'd like a commission, feel free to send me a note so we can discuss specifics there. I usually do $10 for a colored pic of a character with no background, and it fluctuates depending on what's asked for (such as a background, or something really difficult). Or I can just do a chibi for a buck or two.
Thanks~ *A*

Got a call from the recruiter yesterday to let me know training had been pushed back to January (AAIIIIGHH), but that they were still hiring for a new client, and that training would start earlier. So I went in to interview for THEM, got asked a buttload of tech questions, and I'm innnn
Training starts next week motherfuckers whooooo :D
thank godddd
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Sorry that I'm usually AWOL, don't update much, and rarely respond to comments anymore. I'm rarely on DA anymore, and that's usually just to throw up a bundle of doodles so I feel like I have the account for a reason. >_>;;
I've gotten really bad about responding to comments partly because I got caught off guard by how many comments my derpy ME comics were getting, and have fallen so far behind that I've just mostly given up D: And again, I'm rarely here, so I fall even farther behind. Life has also been busy-- and is about to get even more hectic; I'm moving to North Carolina sometime within the next couple weeks.
Sorry for being an unintentional tool. D:
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Anyone know how to do the preview image thing when you're submitting art? I wanted to do that for some of these ME3 comics that have spoilers in them, but can't find the option, and the FAQ is useless so far.
I am most likely going to eventually do more derpy ME comics, and these will obviously contain spoilers.
So you might want to avoid my gallery until you've finished ME3.
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Pretty much the only thing I like to draw anymore is retarded chibi shit, which I post all over tumblr. That's come to an abrupt temporary halt, though, since my tablet has decided to limp its way towards its grave. Guess I can upload more tumblr dumps to here, though, so I'm at least updating something.
I also spend an unhealthy amount of time playing SW:TOR in my free time. derp derp

Wanted something to read, and my sister sent me this book. I don't like paranormal romancy things, and I'm a picky reader, but I guess I'll give it a try..? >_>; I'm not very far into it (it just arrived yesterday), but at least the girl seems pretty tough.

Also, guess what, lovelies. Making plans to (hopefully) move to Portland in the summer after my bday. The thought of moving to Oregon, of all places, would never have occurred to me in a million years, but my sister wants to move there and decided I was going with her. And if I don't get out of this place, I'm going to lose my fucking mind anyway so uh PORTLAND OR BUST. 8I
I know nothing about the west coast. This should be

..interesting. >.>;
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Son of Edit- For those of you still waiting for your digital trade, don't worry, I'll have it to you by XMas Day at the latest. I sent out all the snail mail ones about a week ago (except for Fishuu, due to a trip she's taking), so if you let me know when/if you get it so I know it didn't get lost in the mail, that'd be great :>

Edit- hey, will some of you snail mail people mind if I end up drawing it digitally and then printing it to put in a card? /LAME
It's just been so long since I've inked/colored by hand, that it's taking me longer than it should to get all of these done on time o___o;;

Ok, last chance to speak up if you want to do an XMas trade! (or if you have to back out for whatever reason) I'd like to know by the 10th.
I'm going to start these this weekend and try to start getting them in the mail by sometime next week-- the week after by the latest. Those who I'm doing snail mail trades with have priority over digital trades just so I know I get them out the door in time.

Here's who's doing it so far. Let me know if I'm forgetting anyone. I feel like I am.

:icongorfanel: / digital  / sent
:icongreyeille: / digital / sent
:iconfishuu: / snail mail
:iconkikirini: / snail mail / sent
:icongibsontwist: / snail mail / sent
:iconlorcan0c: / digital / sent
:iconessency: / snail mail / sent
:iconshydrake: / snail mail / sent
:iconambuneko-yomikage: / snail mail / sent
:iconadre-es: sent
:iconnaebasa-chan: / digital / sent

(note- "digital" just means that's how it's being delivered; you can still draw by hand and scan it in if you like. just like you can draw it digitally and print it if you're doing snail mail and that's what you're more comfortable with)
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Alrighty, it's almost that time of year again :D
When everyone gathers their goats and gets together around the Great Bogglewhump Pit
scratch that.

Holiday exchanges :D Yes. That.
I usually just do physical cards/sketch cards, but this year just doing digital XMas drawing exchanges is cool, too. Esp since I know some of you are uncomfortable giving out your address. I have a whole batch of free stickers/cards sent to me by a charity org, though, and snail mail really is more fun nowadays. You don't have to give me your real name. But digital exchanges are still perfectly fine.

So if anyone wants to do an XMas exchange, just shoot me a note, and indicate whether you'd like a snail mail card or just want to exchange drawings over email/DA. :3

I only ask that (esp if you want the snail mail option) you only say yes if you mean it. Last year, for example, I sent out ten cards+sketches, but only one or two people did their halves. :<

Also feel free to indicate whether you celebrate something different and would like the drawing to reflect that (Kwanzaa, Channukkah, Yule, etc).
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Oh hey look I have a tumblr now :p
I have no idea how it works exactly but FUCK IT.
I now have a place to put more dumb game comics/fanart and now whenever I feel like chattering about games (even if it's to nobody, I DON'T CARE. MUST BABBLE LIKE A FANBRAT) I actually have a place to do so.
I'll also likely be posting crap there that will never make it to DA, even if it's just silly fan doodles.

So uh yeah. If you have a tumblr, lemmie know.

some of you have bizarre tumblr names (*has no goddamn room to talk*), so I don't always realize who you are-- make sure you drop me a line here if you wanna be followed, unless it's super obvious . XD;
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I don't really have much to say, but I needed to bump that old journal entry out of the way.
So, random game stuff:

Anyone on Steam who wants to be buddies, I play five jillion hours of games on there, so you can find me under amiko_16.  Just mention you're from DA and I'll add you back. :)

Also, speaking of games... if anyone has any prompts or suggestions (not full-out scripts, just a general theme or whatever) for a chibi game comic thing like the squillions of Mass Effect ones I keep doing, feel free to speak up.  I enjoy doing them, but sometimes I just have no ideas.  And no, it doesn't have to be Mass Effect or Dragon Age (though obviously if I haven't played the game, I can't do it).

Who else has played Deus Ex Human Revolution, btw? :D FFFFFFFF :heart:
Now that I've beat that, I'm trying to play Invisible War again... I played it last year, but never finished it because it crashed after Antarctica ARGHH.
Edit:  The game officially hates me.  It keeps crashing again. fuckit.  Must..resist urge... to replay Human Revolution....

And as a P.S...
kiriban time I guess why not pfff
27,227th visitor
That should give me plenty of time to forget I even offered a kiriban lol- *shot*

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EDIT: For anyone that was interested in that Vol 1 of WSWB, here's the listing on Indie Planet:… :heart:
Just remember 2 things:
1) it's POD, so while it ships however fast you ask it to, you have to count in the time it takes for them to print it
2) these are the original pages from the site (except I replaced the font)


And now for news with pics :D

:bulletred: I got Portal 2 the other day and finished it last night. :D So awesome and hilarious. It's on sale now @ Game Stop for $20 less than the original price, so if you haven't gotten it yet, gogetitomg.
My sister even got a copy so that we can play co-op at some point, even though I'm usually not into multiplayer of any sort. :>
AND the guy found me a used decently priced copy of DQ5, which I've been looking for since shortly after it came out. Apparently enough copies weren't released (just stateside, I think..?), so finding it for under $50 or so has been next to impossible.  So YAY.

:bulletgreen: While there I was geeking out with the guy @ the counter about random games, and he almost lost his shit when he saw my new geekiest possession: pic
I got it off the Toys R Us website, believe it or not. My sister was on the site looking for some action figure or something and sent me the link. XD~
Wallet AND bracelet thingies booyah. :heart:

:bulletblue: And lastly, my WSWB Vol 1 proof arrived today (finallyyy).  It looks so spiffy :D I just have to go in and tweak a couple things (like edging a few panels more towards the center to keep them from being cropped a bit).  I'd kept the original font (comic sans) for the proof, but planned on going in and changing it all to the font I currently use on pages.. partly because comicsans is ridiculous, but also because I thought CS would print too tiny.  But it's actually perfectly legible.  I'm considering keeping it that way just to save myself a lot of work, but I don't think I will.
why does my hand always look so stubby and fat in pics wtf

And on a final note, I'm sorry if I haven't gotten around to answering one or more of your comments on a journal or deviation. :( I do read all of the comments, it's just that in the past few months (thanks mostly to the Mass Effect comics), I've been getting a lot more comments than I'm used to.  And sometimes I'll be going through trying to reply to some, and realize I missed one someone left in freaking January or February, and then I hesitate to respond because by then it's been long enough that I think they've forgotten it anyway and I'll feel retarded replying so late blah blah blah I'm a loser.


Okay, that was a not so final note, because I just remembered something.
The south-- Alabama especially --got slammed pretty hard by these storms that hit the SE coast.  I'm on the GA/SC border, so we didn't get much more than some pretty loud thunderstorms, but there are plenty of people further south who got the shit severely kicked out of them and could really use some help.
You can donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999.
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While backing up some files, I ran across a W.I.P. novel I'd almost forgotten about.  I'm actually sorely tempted to scrap the book and instead make it into a comic, but not right now.  I promised myself I wouldn't start any more big comic projects until WSWB is a little closer to being finished, and that's a ways off.  Still, I'll probably end up at least doodling concept sketches for it; I'll most likely toss them into the Scrapbook area, though, so they don't clutter anyone's inbox.

Speaking of comics, goddammit I need to remember to check the News thread more often on the SJ forums.  Not only did we just lose a mod, but it's already time for SJ Awards 2011 nominations.  Ffff *digs through favorites*
I'm probably going to end up nominating several of the ones I suggested last year.

As for the journal title...
I've been reading so fucking much lately. I'm in one of my "MUST READ ALL THE TIME" moods, which comes up to roughly 2 books a week.  I need recs. D: I'm running low on books to reread, and am heading over to 2nd and Charles as soon as the Masters is over (goddamn golf nuts).
I usually read fantasy. The main thing in both books and movies I avoid at all costs is rape (fuck you very much, Peter Brett).  Unless it's only mentioned briefly as having happened in the past, I don't like reading about it.
So step up, bookworms.  Suggest something to read. If I've already read it, at least I'll have someone to rant or fangirl with. :3

Aghh I have to clean the apartment.  I invited my BFF and her smartass brother over for dinner.  Excuse to make manicotti= FUCKYES
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- Yay~ Arrival DLC came out yesterday. :3 I nearly broke my f5 key jumping btw Bioware's forum thread and the download page, and finallyyy it showed up. It wasn't very long, but it was pretty neat.

- Man, Kablam still hasn't shipped my proof of WSWB1. First because.. well, because they can be really slow. I waited a couple weeks with no word. Now it's on hold because they're having technical difficulties. Hnng. I know there's another site/company that's a lot like Kablam; similar prices and everything. I just can't for the life of me remember the name, otherwise I'd try them instead.

- For anyone that reads Pastel, I updated twice this week (gasp) and still have a few more pages to finish and put up, so it'll be updating fairly steadily this week. Not Thursday, though; that's my mother's bday. I might update again today, though.

- Watched Tangled last night. Am slightly disappointed, if only because of the hype that led me to believe it'd be the next Shrek (should've known better; heard awesome things about Megamind, too, which was fairly hit-or-miss). My sister says the best thing about Tangled was the damn horse lol Though Rapunzel's bouts of "BEST DAY EVERR" and "MOMMY WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED IN ME" did amuse me.

- Recently got my sister into Half Life 2. I love that game. Now all I want is for the GODDAMN EPISODE THREE TO COME OUT aghh

- Anyone else get Firefox 4? Ever since I got it, I've been getting these weird white lines below text when I type anywhere in the browser. It's happening right now. It's annoying as hell. Anyone else having that problem?

Ok, enough randomness. Imma make a burrito before I die of hunger.
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So my new video card and PSU arrived last week (on the same day, too, much to my rather giddy surprise).  My computer is doing much better now. :D Yayyy
I'm also finally over a damned cold that had me being generally listless and pitiful for almost two weeks, thank god.  I didn't draw much while I was sick, since I was too fatigued to concentrate long enough on any writing or drawing.  I did play lots of games though lol

Blehh I've been dying to draw something, but for the past few days I end up just sitting here with my tablet pen, staring blankly at Photoshop. >_>; I've doodled some in my sketchbook, but nothing permanent.  One of my new year's resolutions was to finish the revised WSWB #1, so I need to work on that aaaaa
I'm wondering if a collab would help get rid of my artist block, so I'm rummaging around half-heartedly looking for some poor random person's lineart to color XD;; lol
Anyone up for a collab?  I don't really care if I draw or color or whatever.  

Random links to share to keep this from being a completely useless entry:……
Garrus/Shep fans lookit ahaha:

I promise none of them are pr0n/viruses.

yay stumbleupon :heart:

(when did the journal entry thing change holy crap)

Oh yeah, anyone see Tron? I still haven't seen it, but it's in the dollar theater, so I was thinking of taking my sister. Was it any good?

Gahhh I'm supposed to be writinggg *drags self away from internet*
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So my graphics card is now an oddly-shaped paperweight.  It crapped out on me shortly after XMas.  I can get a temporary replacement for fairly cheap, but I do also need to get a new PSU because mine is the cheap dinky 300W one that came with the PC, and I badly need a better one.  They're not uber expensive; I've found some decent ones for under a hundred bucks.  But I'm saving up for the dentist, and getting a new PSU comes second.  I think I'm going to need it for some of the shit I'll be doing in upcoming classes, not to mention for games.
I'm considering opening commissions, but I dislike paypal, and I know lots of other people do too, or don't even have it.  Dilemmaaaa D:

Speaking of my defunct graphics card, without it I'm unable to play most of the PC games I have, including ME2.  Which sucks because I need reference pics for a comic thing I was doing, but can't find the pics I need online.
If anyone can give me some decent screenshots of the interior of the Shadow Broker base, you will gain my eternal gratitude.
Also, a chibi of whatever character (OC or fanart) you want.

P.S. GorFanel, your kiriban pic should be up pretty soon :)
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Pfff my sister's room mate is getting her book published soon.  Saw the cover recently, and it looks pretty snazzy. :D I'm happy for her, but it also naturally kicks my ass in gear to finish my own retarded story.  

I also really want to draw and color something, though, and am suffering a slight artist block.  I have this Shep/Liara comic thing I've been doodling, but I'm holding back on inking and posting it because some of my older watchers are SICKTODEATH of mass effect shit in my gallery, no doubt. XD;;;

So fuckit-- 21k kiriban.  Screenshot if you're the 21k visitor (or even if you hit right over it; you never know, maybe the 21k visitor won't want it) and I'll draw you something. :>
Just keep in mind what I probably will royally suck at drawing (hint: I don't have it in my gallery, or I do and you hate it), such as animals and er landscapes (which I need to work on eventually).

EDIT- :icongorfanel: got it :)
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Blehh I haven't been able to draw anything halfway decent for weeks.  I think class really sapped all the artsy fartsy out of me >_>; That's good, though, because I haven't written anything in months, and I really need to finish revising my damn story.  So I may be sporadic about checking DA.

ANYWHO hope everyone has a happy holiday. :)

Oh yeah, I always mean to ask... Anyone have a Steam account and want to be Steam friends?
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Pardon my mini-rant.

I don't go around reporting shit just because I don't like it, and I hate people that do that (such as those who despise yaoi so go around flagging it all).  In fact, I think I've only ever reported a deviation two or three times since I joined DA.  I'd run across them randomly while browsing through someone's faves.  And they have to be pretty bad for me to do so-- I'm talking barely censored porn or blatant shota/pedo stuff.  And I do mean little kids, not "onoes this person might be 16".  I mean "omfg that kid has to be like.. 10".

I'm beginning to wonder why I bother.  Every time, I just get a reply saying that someone reviewed the report and decided there wasn't enough information to go off of.
1) I don't know how much clearer I can be about pedo
2) CLICK THE LINK and see for yourself.  Jesus.

I'm going to go blow shit up in a video game.
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Mostly thanks to random equally frustrated customers on the AVG forums, not the AVG techs themselves.  But hey, after 48 hours of teeth-gnashing frustration, I finally have my computer again. :D Yayyyy
I am going to celebrate by playing Mass Effect.  Again.
I mean uh doing my homework.

And then I am going to do those goddamn WSWB pages OGODIPROMISE they will be up this weekend OTL;;

I need to do Legion fanart he is the shiznit
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Oh god, raaaage

Last night AVG insisted (over and over) that it must update, and that I should reboot.  So I shut it down and went to bed, only to get a face full of Blue Screen of Death when I restarted my PC in the morning.
After a lot of digging (thank god for my netbook), I realized that it's (shocker) because of the AVG update.  Apparently a LOT of people had their systems crash due to the update.

Supposedly you can burn their rescue disc and fix this, and it's working for most people, but I can't even get the damn thing past the disclaimer screen after booting from the CD.  I went to ask about it on the forums, but they've closed the forums (they were open earlier).  Nor are they interested in providing e-mail support for users that have the free version of AVG.
Oh goddd *gnaws on monitor* This is infuriating.
So far the only thing I can think of to do for now is to try and burn another copy and try again.  I don't know why I can't get past the disclaimer/click on "I agree", since no one else seems to be having the problem.  Computers hate me X_x

For anyone else having this problem, by the way, you can download the rescue disc here.  Remember, it's an ISO file, so you can't just drag and drop to burn it to your CD.  Google how to burn an ISO file to a CD.
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