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Hi all,

So as you may have gathered, I only check deviantart once every season x_X
Sorry all! And thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

On a IRL note, I've picked up some freelance work and fall is always a really busy season in my industry... so I'm officially not taking any commissions or requests right now.

Also, if you'd like, I'm definitely more active on twitter (Amiki_Doodles) with sketches and general randomness!

I'm not on here every day so when I checked my phone yesterday and saw a few hundred notes I was like O_O
Thanks EQD for the comic feature! That was completely unexpected, especially for a first comic ^^
A really huge thanks to everyone who fav'd, commented, and decided to give me a watch! Seriously, you all are awesome Joy 

Here's to more Sunburst!

Hey everyone,

I'm opening up commissions! Check out my sheet for details and send me a note if you're interested!

Amiki-Doodles Commissions! by Amiki-Doodles

So as many of you know, I had the opportunity to create this ~steamy~ calendar featuring several awesome MLP Narrators! I'll be uploading the individual images here in the coming days (promise not to overwhelm!). 

But if you can't wait... or just want to print one of your own.... I've made the full PDF calendar available here!

Got a twitter so I can post sketches and stuff on the go! Also to tweet annoying things at ThornQuill
Anyways, go follow for (hopefully) more sketches of an assortment of things!

Ami's Twitter
So much for daily doodles  haha but oh well!  My job takes up about 200% of my creative energy. In a good way!  But that leaves not as much for personal work as I'd like.  

Although I'll not be as active on here as I'd like,  I am playing with the idea of opening up a commission/trade slot or 3. But we'll see!

In exciting news,  :iconastro-brony1:'s Rainboom Mk. 2 will be launching tomorrow, quite literally! It was so much fun to do the art for and I can't wait to watch it go super sonic! Check out more info here:…
Holy cow
Between being hospitalized, wedding plans both falling through and succeeding, recovering from a week at work without any of my bosses, and my bridal shower last week was the most stressful week of my life haha

So my goal this week is to unwind and draw something every day! 
I just got a discount sketchbook with 500 drawing prompts in it so I'm gonna start filling those up and then posting them in groups of 3 or 4

Here's to a week with only good surprises!
Hey everyone, I'm Ami, nice to meet you!

Oh wow DA has changed a bit in the 5 years since I've last been on! *sweeps old, inactive account under nearby large vase*

I'm looking forward to being part of a creative community again! The last couple years of my life have driven the desire to draw things right out of me. Not that they've been bad years; actually, they've been some of the happiest of my life! But also they've been the busiest years ever and just picking up a pencil has felt like a chore. So I'm brushing the dust off of my tablet and giving myself permission to draw for fun again! 

Anywho, enough rambling, time to go draw ponies! Thanks for stopping by! Hi!