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Eevee Evolution Amigurumi's by Kisses-or-Stitches
Lucario Hat by cuteypatutycrochet
Happiny - side shot by Pandamonium-Crochet
Happiny - front by Pandamonium-Crochet
Ultra Ball by Twinsmanns
Ash Ketchum by Twinsmanns
Great Ball by Twinsmanns
Master Ball by Twinsmanns
Shiny Mew Amigurumi by Silver4Espeon
Psyduck Amigurumi by Silver4Espeon
Chibi Pokemons by gengibrecroche
Gengar Amigurumi by gengibrecroche
Amigurumi Totodile by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Snubbull by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Chikorita by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Suicune Puppy by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Breloom by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Skitty by JB-Pawstep
Mini Marill holding mini ice cream by AmiAmaLilium
Salamence Pokemon Amigurumi by NanetteCrochet
Amigurumi Buizel by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Shinx by JB-Pawstep
Shaymin amigurumi by Sasophie
Spiritomb amigurumi by Sasophie
Zorua Amigurumi by Silver4Espeon
Amigurumi Pansage by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Victini by JB-Pawstep
Amigurumi Archen by JB-Pawstep
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Group Information


Gotta crochet/knit 'em all!

This is a Amigurumi Pokemon Challenge group!

I used the word "Challenge" above because I am challenging myself, and others, to make all of the Pokemon! Any size!

Whichever you are, a crocheter or knitter - or both - welcome! If you enjoy watching Pokemon, playing Pokemon, making Pokemon plushies, you've come to the right place!
Whenever I choose which Pokemon I want to make I will submit a new journal about that Pokemon! I decided to do it at random. I want to crochet them all! I thought it would be fun to include other people in it as well! Maybe to help keep each other going! I plan on making more than one every week! I want to do all kinds of sizes as well! Mini amigurumi to big amigurumi. I'm also very interested in seeing Pokemon amigurumi by other people! ^,^ Amigurumi is just so exciting in general!

Albums will be posted by generation using the name of the region of the generation, just in case anyone forgot or doesn't know them all, here they are: 1.1 Kanto, 1.2 Johto, 1.3 Hoenn, 1.4 Sevii Islands, 1.5 Sinnoh, 1.6 Unova. Please only submit deviations of crocheted/knitted Pokemon to the album it belongs in! -^,^-

You are also welcome to submit patterns as well! I will make a patterns album as well! -^,^- I know there are a few good sites. I like to make my own patterns, but for those that don't, you can find them on Google! Here are two links that I think could be helpful:

One is WolfDreamer, she's really good with Pokemon patterns as well as many others, and they are free and easy to follow! Links to patterns are on the right side, scroll down:

This link has a lot of Pokemon patterns, almost all of them:

I'll also post an album for Pokeballs because I would like to create all of them as well! The first album will be Patterns, the second will be the first Pokeballs, and the rest will be the generations. If you have any questions, feel free to note me or comment on the page! -^,^-

I look forward to seeing everyone's Pokemon!

Happy crafting!

Image made by :iconbilliam622:
Hey everyone! It's nice to see our group growing! So excited to see everyone's Pokemon amigurumi!

I've been pretty sick for like a week now. I'm getting better, though. I feel a lot better today, so hopefully I will be done with this cold/sick/thing of doom...

I'm currently working on Plusle and Minun. I'm making them at the same time, so I don't forget what I've done. xD I just need to finish Plusle's body and make their ears, arms, tails, and facial features, then I'm done! I am hoping to finish them tomorrow. I've also been busy working on this for the local festival that takes place at the beginning of September, not much time left! I hope I can get enough made! I'm not too far behind. Since I've been sick it has been hard to crochet, but I'm feeling better and I feel like I can get caught up again!!! ^_^

Which Pokemon are you all working on? I think I may make Panpour, Pansear, and Pansage next! I really like them! ^_^

I hope you all are having a great, productive week!

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