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I took a long hiatus from MMD. I am back now.
Not dead NOT DEAD
I will upload stuff tomorrow! I've been hard at work rigging shit for you guys!
So for the last few weeks my laptop went and died on me! but i'm back! and getting right back into the rigging swing! a nice break was exatcly what I needed to get back rippin' and riggin' !
Somebody's preview images, Somebody's Miku model and some guns from my gun pack. -.-

go wild. Just report them.
I'm good. No suicide or anything like that. Just really confused and bothered by a few things. All is good though. :)
Whos going!? I am! who wants to meet up!? :) You can message me a Kik name or just look out for me at the con!

I'll be cosplaying
A team rocket FEMALE grunt. 
and my dumb OC Karamell

I am very short and thin with a tan shouldt be too hard to miss. :) I would love to meet you guys!!
Game rippers go through a lot to learn to rip from games and sometimes have to tumble trough three of four programs to make things for MMD! 

SO CHEAK OUT THIS PERSON!…  :iconunluckycandyfox:
Thought I would have some fun with you guys while working on requests and parts. Two birds one stone. :)   <--- WATCH NOW
Okay guys. I need some real help. I have no clue how to rig arms. I always mess up. I need some tips. I can kinda use Blender but im best in PMDe. Basically I wont be able to make much content if I dont learn arm rigging so any help would be great. 
Like AB chan? dosent need to be as crazy realistic. I just wanted a MMD model or face with asian facial features and less completely anime styled ones.
I managed to get the spanish girl to remove the MMD parts without any trouble! ( ) she was incredibly sweet and understanding. I believe she just didnt know what she was doing was wrong/illegal. 

lets cut her some slack okay? she was just trying to help the Spanish community. Is that really such a crime? everyone makes mistakes. :) she quickly removed the parts without any fuss,arguing or foul language. she was soo sweet! :)
If I went live on  FB to talk to you guys or answer  questions would you guys be interested in watching?
So like, This Spanish girl is making money off your models and shit. She links to YOUR STUFF through ADFLY and she earns MONEY everytime someone CLICKS her links to your stuff. Lets get this shit taken down.  Anybody who can speak Spanish should help out. Sadly I dont speak Spanish but my boyfriend is a foreigner from Mexico (Awesome right?) and speaks both Spanish and English fluently so hopefully, I can help some. 

Edit - Looks like she can speak English too.

**Taken from :iconmetra-philia:

Well... rigth now, I had 
contacted with a lot of the creators, but not all. And today :iconsatariia: give me the idea

This girl ( have been earning money sharing and reuploading yours Models/Stages/Parts/Clothes/Effects/Programs/ using links here:

The problem It's that in the Spanish comunity, This page is the first thing You're gonna find when you Start. And as you know, 
new users grow increasingly.
This is not the only thing. if you saw her page, your wanna find that there a models that their credits are just" Made by alysa" .

"Her model"
Nombre by Metra-Philia TDA Alysa Formal Disk by Alylisa Nombre by Metra-Philia
The original:
Bunny Girls | Luka Juon Meiko by HikariWakamiya MMD Womanicer CAMERA | DOWNLOAD by HikariWakamiya

I alreday Contacted with the page and they told me that when ones of the authors complained , they would close the page.
The email to contacted with them is:

:iconjdavid6120: :iconpeachmilk3d: :icondreamydark: :iconharukasakurai: :iconjjinomu: :iconmaydayfireball: :iconthe-mystery-raccoon: :iconKyoukilkki: :iconfujiwara-no-moko: :iconjalmod: :iconmelly-kitty: :iconluna-panda-love: :iconmegurinesempai: :iconsushi-kittie: :iconakikokamui97: :iconinoriaruma: :iconskary66: :iconcrystallyna: :iconkarrollyne: :iconsamsink: :iconharukasakurai:
:iconfureitasu: :icontrackdancer: :iconemeliakanson91: :iconnampukkk: :iconamiamy111: :iconchrnodroid: :iconxxfrenchtoastxx: :iconhanaminasho: :iconchocosunday: :icon9844
:iconsapphire-and-ice: :iconharudelrey: :iconmikuhatsunep02: :iconmmdfakewings18: :icon2234083174: :iconxoriu: :iconroxadragonsoul: :iconchibi-baka-san: :iconhiroshi224mitsuki:

If I forgget someone, I'm sorry
Tested positive for Flu type A and had a temperature of 103. Ugh, doctor's making me take about four days off work and its got me wondering what im gonna do for money.
sorry about not having a DL put up for them. I fucked up. hahaha i'll have a DL version up by tonight.
like for real everything is rather "UPGRADE TO PRRROOO" or dosent even work. I wanted to make some voice tutorials. :/
haha I had a good day today. 

Anyway, so hot updates guys. 
Cupcake cult male shirts are in the making as I type. I will also be doing male variants of the band shirts. 
future plans include a hair pack and a release of Karamell and the new Flee models with various outfits. (Not that anybody will really use them.) of course i'll try to release other little goodies but work has had me working five days a week lately and I barely have time for myself. I will strive on though!… I love it
Fill MMD up with Scene Kid stuff.
I dont know anything about bands. 
whats bands do you guys like? I had my friend have me make a "Of Mice and Men" and "Falling in reverse" what other bands do people like?