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Published: September 4, 2016
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A comic that has been a year in the works. A year that i've taken to think out the plot. Make the models and make everything as perfected as I could. This is a small preview I made to hopefully get some attention on it. 

Comic information 

Title - Salted Sugar
Rating - Mature
genera - Dark,Mystery,romance

Salted Sugar is a comic that was inspired by Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni,Five Nights at Freddys and Shiki and the AKB48 dating scandal. Salted Sugar is a dark and twisted tale made to show us that everything we see in the media isnt always true. Presented to us through the eyes of Kardy 'Karamell' Kanady, A drug addicted former black market worker who was forced into idol fame And Sachi, A zombie that was raised only to dance until her second dying day. Together they must escape the horrible "Happy Idol Co" a huge idol entertainment business where if you don't make the cut YOU get cut. . . for good. 

Trigger warning - This comic will contain many things readers may find disturbing or triggering. Abuse,mentioned/off screen Rape,mild Necrophilia,drug use and addiction,violence and Lesbian content. Please be advised.
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Manu-SantoosStudent Traditional Artist
Can't wait for the continuation! You have no idea of how intersting I find those types of comics with somewhat a 'dark side', that shows you that what you see isn't necessarily true. And fantasy, of course! Zombies are awesome! And Karamell is a really beautiful and outstanding MMD model because she's red haired and her hair is curled. For me, at least, is very rare to find a model with curly hair, and I find it a shame because curly hair is such a beautiful thing. Both curly and braided hairstyles. And Karamell has such great textures! I specially loved her lips! And those nail claws...~ <3

Corpse is really beautiful too! And again, loved the way you painted her lips. You sure love detailing lip's textures, don't you? Haha!

Very well, I hope you start the webcomic soon! I bet i'ts gonna be really famous, giving that MMD comics normally aren't ongoing, are just one time comic strips.
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I'm really hooked on dark themed stuff too! so writing this was super fun for me with it being a theme/genera I L O  V E and not just another romance or anime comedy. 
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Manu-SantoosStudent Traditional Artist
I really like dark themed comics - both official, like published manga, and unofficial, like ones made by the MMDC and doujinshis as well - but I personally am very very bad at writing these kind of things. I think my strong point is at writing romance and - ahem - erotic works - sad I can't show you, deleted everything I ever wrote :sigh: -, and my weakest are action, comedy and angsty. But I can be carefree because you're amazing at angsty and that's what matters here. U.U
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Darn. I would of read that too. 
I wish I was better at writing smexy things. :/ I'm only good at making normally unsexy things sexy. xD;; but at writing I S U C K  at erotica. 
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Manu-SantoosStudent Traditional Artist
Only at writing, okay? How can Karamell be not sexy?

Just look at her eyes, honey.

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake eyes, honey.

I think I have zoophilia, oh my. I am a dummy!  -wut.

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You'll get better at it if you keep practicing. I know, that's so repeated that it already got irritating, I admit that even I find this fugging advice Censored , but it is - unfortunately? - true. But the main reason I liked the teaser is because tranferring effectively an idea to a visual form, be it drawn or posed tridimensionaly like yours, is hard. Hell, I am trying to draw a webcomic for about 3 months and still didn't get the 'hang' of it!

Note: Now, if I may, I wanted to give you an... advice? I don't know how I should call it, but.... yeah. Yeah.

Do you know what is color theory? In a nutshell, Indigo-orb Magenta-Orb Limegreen-orb  are cool colors and :Yellow-orb: :DarkRed-orb: :Fire-orb:  are warm colors. Basically, if you want to portray a depressive and cold atmosphere you use cool colors and for the opposite, you use warm colors. I noticed that you didn't played with the 'Light Manipulation' box. Basically, 'R' stands for 'Red', 'G' for 'Green' and 'B' for 'Blue'. These three are "primary" colors for video applications. With these, you can alter the mood of the picture - inside MMD - without having to use an external application, like GIMP or Photoshop, and without the need of MME - #TeamCPUBatterySavingI am a dummy!  -. 
I noticed that you wanted to give a serious mood to the teaser - you totally conquered it, don't worry! -, so I thought that you could alter the lighting so the backgroud would be somewhat blue-ish and the characters somewhat red-ish, something that would be contrasting, that would show us that the place they are is not a happy place, it is a depressive and cold one. Pretty pretty pretty please not that I am NOT saying that you couldn't portray what you wanted without the use of the Light Manipulation option, you totally could! Just telling you this because it would improve so much more your renders and you wouldn't have to spend too much time editing your image. Just an idea, feel free to ignore me XD 
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omg! this was so sweet to read! <3 yes I really do hope to make this into something. Its tough with me having to work with part uploads,my home life/friends/irl and my job but I know it will be worth it. <3

Yeah lips and eyes I love detailing! <3  Karamell's textures and face were actually done by :icondeidarachanheart: for commision (five dollars for a face!) shes super amazing talented! <3

I like hearing that. I agree not many models have diverse hair. ; v ; I have naturally wavy hair (not curly.) but I straighten mine cause it tends to get unrurly. 
Corpse,Sachi yes I think she came out prettty cute considering she has black eyes Thanks! <3
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Manu-SantoosStudent Traditional Artist
I understand that it is hard to maintain a webcomic and your social and economic life balanced, and even more because even though MMD is intuitive and somewhat an easy programm to master, posing with it is a nightmare because there's no keyboard shortcuts - I least none that I know - and you have to make everything with your mouse. Oh, I feel tired just to talk about this.

So you know Deidara-Chan too? I'm a really big fan of hers as well! She's really amazing, I totally agree with you. I'd love to have a model made by her but I don't work, so I don't have money for this Cry forever  But one day I will - more specifically, I plan on taking a comission next year because I'll starting working next year if everything occurs as planned - !!!

I love detailing my artworks too, but using mouse to edit MMD texture are hard, really hard. Do you use digital table - I think it's called this -?

I have curly hair too, but it is too 'bulky' so I straighten mine too because I'm too lazy to take care of a curly and big hair, lol.

Ha, I LOVE black-eyed characters! You have no idea, no idea, no idea. That's just too sexy, omg. That goddamnit sexy loli you are, Corpse.

Do you know Racnera Aracnera from Monmusu? Isn't she the sexiest spider ever made by the Multiverse? Now, imagine all this sexyneeeeeess and buttliciousness




I'd die. I'd die, I swear to the Gods of Anime World, I'd die. That's too much for this bacteria here.

Okay, now I'll stop. You must getting scared of me but I swear I'm a good and normal gurl.

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HansSuzukiStudent Artist
Finish the comic, and we apreciate you :)
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Artlovedream General Artist
Seems cool already!
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GalPalsMMDHobbyist Digital Artist
Tamia: LOVE!
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MayaWalkerStudiosHobbyist General Artist
Sounds cool! Can't wait!
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