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So I ventured off schedule and made Uni. I gotta admit that I like her design. And she's surprisingly popular for a new vocaloid, I didn't expect to see so many fanarts of her, plus a speedpaint...
Anyway next one for sure will be Galaco.
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I'd love to see one of Xin Hua too~
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I haven't done pixels in years :lol: idk if I'll get back to them.
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Aha even a non pixel would be cool to see tho :"D
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I rarely draw other vocaloids besides Rin and Len nowadays and considering that I'm not that interested in Xin Hua's design, there might be a chance that I still won't draw her.
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Yes! I've been waiting months for her to come out because I just loved her design so much lol
I love your Vocaloid pixels. I'm trying not to go through and fav spam them all ^.^'
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Thank you and I don't mind the fave spam. It's actually the only spam that kind of makes me happy, let's me see that some people really like my art to go through my gallery and fave it all.
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Really adorable !  Good work :)
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nice work !!!!
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This looks so amazing! I love the hair!
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Thank you. I like how the hair came out as well.
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She is so pretty, I love her hair <3 
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so very awesome :) (Smile)
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This is really awesome! I never knew that she got fan art so early on, wow... But anyway this is random, but I love your pixel art a lot :D
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Thanks. And yes I am surprised about the amount of fanart she already has as well. She doesn't even have a demo song out yet (at least I couldn't find it).
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Yeah, I don't think she has a demo song out yet. Also no problem!
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Damn I dont know her ;;
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Soooo Kawaiiiiii ^^
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Hm, I like how you did this one. Good job.
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It's so perfect ;u; <3
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Strawberry babyyyyyyy! :D
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