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I felt like my pixels need some mixing up, so I decided to give some company to Celestia, Junko and Ibuki with Chiaki. I haven't done a DR pixel in a while anyway.
Plus Danganronpa 3 has been confirmed :dummy:
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This is adorable!! I love this so much
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Chiaki ~ ! <3 Her pixel doll looks so cute! I love how you draw the DR characters ^w^
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Awes-mazing work!!
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I really want to watch Danganronpa ;-; the only person i know is Junko, but i know she is fabulous
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There's an anime only for the first game. Junko is actually kind of crazy and she only appears at the climax of the story for both Danganronpa games.
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Oh, I saw her in a picture my friend saw and thought "She looks fabulous.GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle " so I looked her up and decided one day I want to watch it.
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I'm not really a gamer, so I hardly play any games. I mostly watch walkthroughs on youtube.
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Saying what? You kind of lost me there. What were we even talking about?
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Well that was an interesting conversation xD
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Is this a canon character or OC? Also shes sooo cute! xD

How do you do pixels?
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She's an character from the game super Dangan Ronpa 2, Nanami Chiaki.

And here's some videos on how I do my pixels……
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Ohmygosh, Thank you. THANK YOU. I'll try to learn to draw like you someday!
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You're welcome :) and I'm flattered that you like my style so much. If you practice enough you'll get there.
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