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For my extended gallery


For my entire GG, DG, and SG image set library in one big download:[includes extended gallery GG/DG items]

GG Set:!ik5nBZBa!3fBJlTzLyxalKzhS0tJEWA#F!ik5nBZBa!3fBJlTzLyxalKzhS0tJEWA

DG Set:!fxwmDQTI!s-VlTY5vrDFY1SDtHyW3sg#F!fxwmDQTI!s-VlTY5vrDFY1SDtHyW3sg

SG Set:!KoBWEI4D!VYgfzIvgHm3xWhaluS9TVQ#F!KoBWEI4D!VYgfzIvgHm3xWhaluS9TVQ

Other Info/FAQ

Request/Commissions: Not going to do them, sorry.

I only make content I'm personally interested in.

Content uploaded includes: Images & Short animations.

-Sizes: The most common size I feature is shrunken males from 2 1/2 inches to 18 inches. Followed second by the amazonian size range with males about 1/3 to 2/3 smaller than females. I'll also occasionally have bug size men from 0.7 inches to 2 inches.

-Crush: Not into gore at all or actually being crushed myself. Though I don't mind doing images that show crushed people to an extent.

-Shrunken women renders are extremely rare for me. I do feature multi-size Giantesses scarcely.

Tiered interest(Renders you will see on the page)

1st: Butt & Feet

2nd: Mouth Stuff & Breasts 3rd:

Thigh & (Belly squishing; quite rare for me.)

Hashtag # search keywords for my gallery: These should mostly all encompassing

giantesses giantessbutt buttcrush asscrush giantessbreasts breastcrush boobcrush handheld giantesshandheld amazongiantess amazonian minigiantess vore giantessvore giantessfeet feetcrush footcrush giantessfeetworship giantesssandals giantessinsole giantessinshoe giantessheels bodyexploration giantessthighs giantessinpanties giantessnylons giantessbelly giantessstomach giantesscrush giantessworship giantessfemdom giantessdomination giantwoman giantesscity megagiantess giantessgrowth growinggiantess povgiantess giantesspov shrunkenwoman shrinkingfetish animation giantessanimation

Current Models: ***Note: Images before GG557(excluding the 50 image slim feature) features the old absurdist type body.*** All body measurements taken at 5' 6".

Genesis 3

Genesis 8

Content Update: Comic/Video Clips

Content Update: Comic/Video Clips

So thanks to the Corona Virus I've been finally able to finish up my whole backlog. It started stacking up since summer 2018 due to a much longer than anticipated hiatus :o. Even though I've already partially started into a newish way of making content, you can say this is the unofficial start. I'll try to keep this short and to the point. Previously I mentioned I'd be changing to a handful of different ways of making content instead of just single images. Those being .gif animations, panels, sets, a comic, and video content. Sets & Comic-lite: Not happening anymore Just basically did a test run and can say I really wasn't a fan of d

Update: Up and Running/Future Content

Update: Up and Running/Future Content

Ello :wave: Just wanted to say my new desktop computer is all put together after some setbacks and I'm ready to rock and roll again :D. So consider this the unofficial end to my year long "hiatus". Though maybe not so long return . With that said I'd like to give some insight on the future of what I plan on doing with content on my page. Gonna try to keep this brief as this update has been long overdue. Single(One Off) Images: The time of this content being the primary and almost only thing is coming to an end. Though it'll be a hot minute before that happens as I have to run through maybe 200 to 300 more images of backlog. Example of

Another Update

Another Update

Update on the ole "hiatus" status again and my gallery. You may have noticed the uptick in uploads and you'd be correct. I finally have my free time back compared to the previous 6 months. Though unfortunately like I said before I'm still using a laptop. I'm kinda fiddling and experimenting with what my laptop can actually pull off reasonably now that I finally have the chance to do so. The answer has been not too much lol :(. Other than that everything still stands as is. Not expecting to be reunited with my desktop PC till at least July. ----------- I've also noticed my entire gallery and library has reset all my images to the base 102

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I want to start digital animation and graphics. What software would you recommend to me as a complete beginner. How did you start out?
AmGiPiHobbyist Digital Artist
I started with poser pro with animating and then moved to Daz3d after about a year of that.

If you're trying to do animation I would not suggest using Daz as it kinda sucks at it. First and foremost you're also probably asking the wrong person because I'm not much of an animator.

I do see people are most successful with SFM, Maya, and 3ds-max. Daz is not really an animating tool and is lacking in tools quite a bit. It's more for images.

Some of those software do allow you to use the daz content library with transferring and what not. So just keep in mind of what you can animate with to go along with the capability of the software.
Ok thanks for telling me, I've also done some research and I'm going to start with Maya as you had also suggested. 👍
This is amazing. What software do you use to make these!?
AmGiPiHobbyist Digital Artist
can you make sahsa drive a motorcycle with tiny guy between her boobs?
are you keen on suggestions?