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AmGiPi: Amazon Bang Bang Comic #01 by AmGiPi, visual art

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AmGiPi: His Crush's Crush Comic #00 by AmGiPi, visual art

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AmGiPi Video Short: That Was Familiar by AmGiPi, visual art

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Request/Commissions: I do not take them.

All the content I create is 100% free.

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For my entire GG, DG, and SG image set library in one big download:[includes extended gallery GG/DG items]

GG Set:!ik5nBZBa!3fBJlTzLyxalKzhS0tJEWA

DG Set:!fxwmDQTI!s-VlTY5vrDFY1SDtHyW3sg

SG Set:!KoBWEI4D!VYgfzIvgHm3xWhaluS9TVQ

Other Info/FAQ

Content uploaded includes: Images, Short Animations, Video, & Comics.

-Sizes: The most common size featured is shrunken males from 2 inches to 22 inches. That is followed second by the amazonian size range with males about 1/3 to 2/3 smaller than females. Finally, bug sized men from 0.7 inches to 2 inches are featured the least.

-Crush: Not into gore at all, or actually being crushed myself. Though, I don't mind doing images that show crushed people to an extent. Mostly 3 inches or smaller for crush content.

-Shrunken women renders are incredibly rare for me. I also heavily favor shrunken content over giant content.

Gallery #Hashtag Search Keywords:

giantesses giantessbutt buttcrush asscrush giantessbreasts breastcrush boobcrush handheld giantesshandheld amazongiantess amazonian minigiantess vore giantessvore giantessfeet feetcrush footcrush giantessfeetworship giantesssandals giantessinsole giantessinshoe giantessheels bodyexploration giantessthighs giantessinpanties giantessnylons giantessbelly giantessstomach giantesscrush giantessworship giantessfemdom giantessdomination giantwoman giantesscity megagiantess giantessgrowth growinggiantess povgiantess giantesspov shrunkenwoman shrinkingfetish animation giantessanimation

Current Model Lineup: Body measurements taken at 5' 6" (Imperial/U.S Standards). Measurements only apply to as they look in the featured shots below. Older content and figures do not align 1:1.

-Have a favorite? Click the hyperlinked character name beneath any of my images, and you'll see every image featuring that model in my gallery. For non feature models, please visit my scraps folder.

Genesis 3

Genesis 8

Hello :wave: Just dropping in with another update about my page and the state of things in general. Rendering and imaging is now officially done with the Amazon Bang Bang comic. I finished the story quite a long time ago, so all that's left is just editing 147 images and feeding the story text into the pages. No ETA for release, but I can't imagine it taking me more than a month at worst to finish it. So long as there's no unforeseen errors that would have me going back to fix/add something. Sorry about any delays excluding my graphics card failure =p . Struggled to finish this because I almost spend zero time thinking about the Amazon and Mini Giantess size in real life. It's just something I very much like to look at :D . So, I never had the push to finish this like I did with His Crush's Crush. ___________________________________ Now for everything else. The Amazon Bang Bang comic is going to be the second to last full comic I do. Which means I'm only going to to one more.
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If you happened skip over my latest image, my GPU is going bad. Things like my upcoming ABB comic are indefinitely delayed. For more info, click the image below and go into description.
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**!! So you can ignore this journal... my GPU is just dying 😑!!** So I installed a new driver for my GPU earlier this week and that somehow bugged out my 2080ti from being utilized to render anything in Daz3d. Reverting back to previous versions of Daz and gpu drivers has done nothing, and every lead I've followed these past two days has led to no fix. Down clocking, restoring my PC to before everything, looking for files that shouldn't exist, updating Daz, and a few other things have left me empty handed outside of a reset of my entire PC. It's always just straight to a black screen, or if I'm lucky, a barely rendered image with artifacts that stops in 2 seconds. I guess I somehow have gotten lucky for the past 5 years just casually installing the newest drivers and Daz software with zero issues. It's super frustrating as the gpu works as it should with everything else besides garbage Daz studio. Even more so too because there's forum post from 2019 complaining about the same
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Hi! Your art is truly great! Thank you for your work!

tell me, please, which of your beautiful heroes is ticklish?

Thank you :D

Heroes? Either way, I don't think about that kinda of stuff for my model line up.

Hi! Love your art! I send you a message 😎