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New Beginnings +CH4+ HP +END+
A/N: I have rather sad news, at least I think I do. This will be the last chapter of New Beginnings, simply because I am very busy with school these days, and it's getting difficult to keep up. So I'm just going to focus on my other fanfiction for now. I will close this one, and someday I will write another story about Rose, Scorpius, and Albus.
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter universe and all the canon characters in this story.
He was going to be disowned.
That was the only thing Albus Potter could think as he stirred in the four-post bed. In the dormitory he had been assigned to along with Scorpius Malfoy, Sebastian Higgs, and Gaspard Flint. All three of them were already fast asleep, Flint let out a snort of a snore every now and then, but besides that all seemed quite in his Slytherin dormitory.
Merlin, he wondered how James was taking it. He was probably denying any relation with Albus at the moment, worrying what others
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Tabula Rasa +CH1+ HP
A/N: Here is the Albus Severus/Scorpius fanfiction, as promised!
Disclaimer: The characters and universe in this fanfiction all belong to the wonderful J.K. Rowling.
Wide green eyes bore into the back of Scorpius Malfoy's head as Albus Potter followed his best friend out of the Hogwart's library; his fingers clenched the books he had only just checked out tightly as the two Slytherins trailed down the fourth floor corridors, catching the stair case to the fifth.
"I can't believe she wouldn't allow me to check out the books I needed," The Malfoy complained, "Thank Merlin you were there to save my tail."
"I'm alwaysthe one who 'saves your tail'," The black haired boy reminded his friend with a slight roll of his eyes, "Maybe if you actually returned your books on time you wouldn't have been banned from checking any more out. You know, for someone who dislikes studying so much, you sure seem to like your books."
"I read for pleasure," Sc
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Like a Fish in the Sea +CH1+ THG
A/N: I had a nice poll about this a while back. In it I asked which story would you, as Hunger Games fans, would rather read about, and then I listed several. With over half of the vote, here is the winner. A story about the 70th Hunger Games. The story about a girl who never meant to win. Annie Cresta. I hope you all enjoy it. Please leave reviews for the first chapter and tell me what you think so far! Hopefully I'll be able to update soon. Anyways, thank you to all of you that voted!
Disclaimer: The Hunger Games series belongs to Suzanne Collins. I am simply writing as a fan.
The first thing I register when I awake from my slumber is the soft sea breeze gently blowing into my room through the open bedroom window. I stir in my sleep, my eyes flicker open for a brief moment. I know the moment I open them that I will not fall back asleep. Today is the fourth reaping of my life. Growing up, I've never understood the aspect of volunteering for the Hunger
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Stolen Kisses +PART II/II+ HP
Since Friday, Rose had succeeded in avoiding any contact with her academic rival over the weekend, opting instead to just remain in her room and read. However, as Monday rolled around, she knew she couldn't avoid him forever... No matter how embarrassed the redheaded Weasley girl was about his kiss, she couldn't let her academic career suffer. She sluggishly dragged her feet into Potions, hoping maybe somehow the young Slytherin was sick and wouldn't attend class, if only to avoid an awkward encounter, but yet, there he was, sitting in the seat he had always sat in during class, Scorpius Malfoy actually looked nervous; he hadn't seen Rose Weasley at all over the weekend, and he was almost desperate to speak to her about the kiss he couldn't seem to forget about, so, unlike Rose, he was rather happy when he saw her walk through the doors of the potions classroom, he watched as her intently, waiting for her to sit down in her assigned seat, which was, unfortunately for her, right next to
:iconameyxo:ameyxo 7 5
Anthem of Angels +FULL STORY+ FFVII
A/N: I've been wanting to write this fanfiction for some time now, because I love the friendship between Aeris and Tifa. I dislike how many fans think opposites, if you've played the game you can plainly see they were. Lyrics from the song 'Anthem of Angels' of course! Oh and I realize her name is also Aerith but I grew up calling her Aeris so you'll have to deal with it during this fanfiction :P.
Disclaimer: I obviously do not own these characters or Final Fantasy VII.
"White walls surround us
No light will touch your face again
Rain taps the window
As we sleep among the dead"
Her face was cold against Tifa's fingertips as she placed the palm of her hand over her friend's lifeless face. Her usually brilliant green eyes were closed and her features were pale. She looked like an angel, peacefully sleeping beneath the surrounding figures of her grou
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New Beginnings +CH3+ HP
Albus almost jumped in surprise when Professor Longbottom announced the name of the first student to be sorted. A short brunette girl shuffled nervously out from the crowd as she sat onto the stool, she seemed to be shaking a bit as Neville placed the hat upon her head, Al couldn't help but feel sorry for Bonnie. It was only moments afterwards that it announced, "RAVENCLAW!" Cheers from the Ravenclaw table broke out as she stumbled off of the stool, and walked over to take a seat at her house's table.
"APPLEBEE, KEITH!" Neville shouted as soon as Bonnie had taken her seat. A rather plump boy walked up to as well be sorted, "HUFFLEPUFF!"
"AVERY, GEMMA!" A young blond girl strode confidently up to the stool, she held her head high as the sorting hat was placed on her head. Albus wished he could be as calm as she seemed, "SLYTHERIN!" ... As long as it meant he DIDN'T have to go to the Slytherin house. Albus looked down at his black shoes, and begin to zone the sorti
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New Beginnings +CH2+ HP
Only when the light was beginning to fade from the sky did the Hogwarts Express seem to slow down. When Rose mentioned this to her cousin, both Scorpius and Albus stood up from their seats to rummage through their trunks, finally pulling out a pair of long black robes, Albus replaced his jacket with them. His cousin and Scorpius had been chatting the whole ride to Hogwarts, Albus hadn't been as interested, deciding to stare out the train's window at the passing mountains instead.
"We must be close by now..." Albus mumbled.
Rose opened her mouth to say something to her cousin, but was interrupted by an echoing voice, announcing that the students would soon be arriving at Hogwarts, and requested all students should leave their luggage on the train, they would be carried into the school separately.
Although he was excited to finally arrive at Hogwarts, Albus felt a nervous knot pull at his throat, he swallowed it before opening the compartment's door, his eyes scanning the crowd of studen
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New Beginnings +CH1+ HP
"Albus Severus, you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."
Young Albus Severus' emerald eyes were wide with both excitement and fear as he peered out of the train's window, smiling faintly as he wove a hand to his father, mother, and his younger sister Lily (who was shooting him a rather sad pout). The train's engine rumbled beneath the floor boards, the whistle tooting a farewell to all the wizardry family who had gathered to send their spawns off to Hogwarts, as the train slowly but surely begin to move.
"Al, can we should find a seat before they all fill up," his cousin Rose said, tugging gently on the sleeve of his shirt.
"Just one moment, Rosie!" He told her, his eyes still peeled on his family, only turning to the Weasley when they were finally out of sight, "You're already in your robes? We don't get there for hours!"
"I want to be prepared," She simply told him, reaching forward to grab a hold of
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Stolen Kisses +PART I/II+ HP
It had been requested by his Gryffindor friend, Rose, that the group of friends study together for their upcoming test, and Scorpius awaited both her's and Albus' arrival. He had rather, 'oh so stupidly' only sent an owl to Rose instantly assuming she would inform Albus of the meeting place, which, he hoped she would get correctly. Though, after all, hadn't it been Rose who'd suggested they use code when speaking of places such as the Room of Requirement? Or had it been Albus? At this point his memory was far too faded of their conversation, as his attention had been aimed at a younger looking cashier, who had been serving at Honeydukes in a rather short skirt...
"Merlin. Hurry the bloody hell up." He cussed Rose in his thoughts, looking around what the room had become when he had entered it; shelves full of potions book, cauldrons, glass phials, scales, and other potions supplies surrounded him. Scorpius groaned loudly in annoyance; though potions was his best subject, he hated any so
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