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AToM 01- Rainy Days



Re-uploaded due to a spelling error. Sorry...

My first ever 4koma.

If anyone's curious about "AToM" stands for, it stands for "Amethyst's Tales of Misadventures," which would (hopefully) be my own little series of 4komas (4-panel comics) with random inside jokes at video games, anime, and whatever I can think of.

My first installment of AToM is something that has been bothering me when I played the trial version of RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel. Which by the way, is harder than the first one. When I was playing Grolla's Stage in Freudenstachel, it started to rain blood at the last half of the stage. And I'm wondering: ... Why in the hell is Freudia isn't affected AT ALL by the constant downpour of blood?! She should be drenched in blood after a good 10 minutes!! >_>
So I took liberty into my own hand and brought that very really into this 4koma!

Holy shit, I turned Freudia Neuwahl into Carrie White... *shudders* O_o;;

Used MS Paint for drawing, and Photoshop for coloring.

RosenkreuzStilette, Freudia Neuwahl, and Grolla Seyfarth belongs to [erka:es]
Art belongs to ~AmethystViper
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and de blood was hyper realistic


poor  Freudia