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UKBP Mascot Design: Silver Lining

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This is Silver Lining, an Earth Pony whose fur is the same colour as the darkest purply blue of the UKBP logo and eyes are the brightest cyan of the clouds. The palest cyan colour makes up their mane and tail to form the effect of puffy clouds.
Their cutie mark is the UKBP rainbow with a puffy cloud at the bottom (I promise it wasn't meant to look like the Pepsi logo!)

They are genderfluid, in part as a nod to the relative demographic of the community being almost evenly split between male and female members. Genderfluidity will also hopefully make some promotional scenes easier to draw as the pony will fit just as well playing Ogres & Oubliettes with the colts as they will sewing dresses with Rarity.

Base by StormBlaze-Pegasus 
Design by me
Clouds and UKBP rainbow logo by ZephyrMoon666
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