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Pride Flag Headshot YCH

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any gender(s)
any pony race (Earth, unicorn, pegasus, batpony, alicorn)
any flag background (LGBTQ+, country, organisation*)
any expression (happy, sad, flirty, angry, sleepy, silly, derpy etc)

If you want one, please send me a note or comment here with the following:
- ref of your pony**
- gender(s)***
- expression you want
- flag you want

*I will not draw anything that promotes hate or violence, including but not limited to nazi symbols.
** You must own the character you're asking for, or have permission from the rightful owner. Only exception to this is if the headshot is a gift for the rightful owner.
***Please specify if the pony is more masculine (no eyelashes, more square jawline) or feminine (eyelashes, rounded and pointy jawline)
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ref of your pony: Flower Beat ref 
gender: female
expression you want: happy
flag you want: gay
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Reference: Fleurbelle Reference Sheet
Gender:  female 
Expression: blushing and smiling 
Flag: British flag 
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- ref of your pony = Mary Melody Reference
 gender(s) - Female 
- expression you want - Calm but like up to you, aha
- flag you want -  Bisexual flagg
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- ref of your pony =
- gender(s) Male
- expression you want - Cheecky/cute/Derpy
- flag you want -  Bisexual flag please xx
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Player Bi YCH by AmethystShade  hope you like him, he's a fun boi! 
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omg I love it thanks so much :D xx
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Hey ame! is there a chance i could get one? Silhouette by Chazmazda  
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Ohai Chaz! Of course you can, what expression and flag would be best for Silhouette?
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Could I get an angry expression? and the flag being Bisexual?
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Can I plz get one?

Character: Platinum reference sheet (base edit) MLP OC by CassieDraz
Gender: Male
Expression: grinning
Flag- pansexual
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Platinum Pan YCH by AmethystShade  Hope you like him, I love his design! I'd love to draw more of Platinum 
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May I get one? qwq
gender: Trans/agender
expression: Winking and side grin
Flag: Trans flag qwq /if you can do two then also the agender flag please uwu/

don't really mind how you draw them ^^
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Of course! Takashi is adorable btw, really cute OC.
I'll get started on them tonight and post them both when complete ^..^
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Takashi Trans Flag YCH by AmethystShade   Takashi Agender Flag YCH by AmethystShade  hope you like them! ^..^ 
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Um hello, i would like a ych.

Painted Moon Ref Sheet by TheFallin1s   
She is a female.
I would like a Pansexual flag uwu
and the expression i want for her is happy.
She is is feminine, she has somewhat heavy eyeliner. Her eyelashes are slightly thick. 
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Ohai, one Painted Moon headshot on the way! She's so pretty, I'm gonna have fun with her eyeliner!
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Painted Moon Flag YCH by AmethystShade  hope you like her, she was really nice to draw 
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