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Minarga I-p00a (frontispiece)

Some filler art to get the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, since I don't own the rights to anything Mass Effect-related.

I did the lineart traditionally (ink on paper) and then coloured it in and did the background digitally. It took me five days. FIIIIVE DAAAYYYS. How is digital colouring supposed to be faster!? :noes: Maybe the best I'll be able to do is one completed page a week.

Background is from a stock piece by :icongypsy-stock:

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It's only easier if you do it digitally when you use layers. LOTS of layers. It also helps to do the lineart digitally, however painful it is.
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Easier? I'm already using a bunch of layers. I said FASTER. :P
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Oh, THAT problem... ^^;
Getting faster is something you gain with practice in Photoshop. Just gotta learn to utilize it better.
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During the course of colouring the frontispiece, I did discover that using the polygonal lasso tool and then using the Fill tool or a wide-gauge Paintbrush is a great way to colour large areas. Much better than brushing it all in with small strokes of the brush. T_T *shakes hand that has gone to sleep*