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The High Priestess

The High Priestess II   La Papessa, La Sacerdotessa
Crown of Beauty. Beauty of Crown.
Virgo. Moon. Silver. Blue.
This features the pillers as trees. White reveals the crane, bearer of spiritual awakening. A rare white raven is pictured. Black reveals the owl, the Night Eagls, guided by the Moon and Stars, one of the messengers between the worlds of light and dark.
The Popess holds all of the wisdom of the universe, hidden and seen. Here she deals the cards to awaken our connection to the wealth of resources. This awakening is also called intuition. The deep seated feeling you get in your 'gut'.
Listen to your intuitions. See how they apply to your daily habits. Allow them to work towards the connection and balance between the Spirit and the Soul.

Inspired By the "Penny Dreadful Meets Steampunk Tarot" Challenge at :iconcastle-of-cards:
Penny Dreadful Meets Steampunk TarotGreetings Castle Folk...
Yes, I'm in a SP (Steampunk) mood again.
And thanks to the new series on Showtime,
"Penny Dreadful,
" my mood is more on the dark side as well. So, with that
in mind this challenge will be to create a Tarot card that
includes both SP elements AND the vibe of a
"Penny Dreadful" 'zine from the Victorian era.
A "Penny Dreadful" as defined by is:
an inexpensive novel of violent adventure or crime
that was especially popular in mid-to-late Victorian England.
Penny dreadfuls were often issued in eight-page installments.
The appellation, like dime novel and shilling shocker,
usually connotes rather careless and second-rate writing
as well as gory themes. Consider Mary Shelley's
"Frankenstein's Monster" and Oscar Wilde's
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" as well as others
for inspiration on this theme.  
I know that this could be a REAL challenge for
many here in the Castle but I'd love to see y'all
tackle it. (In fact, I just might come knocking
on your

:iconmadmoisellemelistock: Dark Victorian Goth Stock 001 by MADmoiselleMeliStock
:iconxxsimplicity-stock: Rare white raven 2 by xxsimplicity-stock
:iconroula33: frames for photoshop by roula33
:iconamethystmstock: Light and  Dark by amethystmstock
:iconfairiegoodmother: Black Raven and Crow Stock PSD by FairieGoodMother
Thank you all for such inspiring stock!
You make a huge contribution with your wonderful resources.
Be Blessed.
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I really like this!!!!!
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Thank you very muhc for using my stock :heart: