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~Safe Stock Resource~
This unrestricted stock image is photographed and composited by my own resources. It can be used for commercial and 
personal projects. 
Please remember that these images are mine...
I choose to share.
A link and a credit back would be greatly appreciated.
Be Blessed-Create Love
Linda S Jones Photography 2012-2015
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© 2014 - 2022 amethystmstock
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Sorry if this turns out to be a dumb question, but... how do I get your stock resource file?

In other DeviantArt resources, there is a "download here" button on the side.  I see none here?  The image you show above is just a JPG in which you have used the resources, not a file with the resources as layers (at least as far as I can tell...)?
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This is just a banner I include with the stock items describing my terms of usage. As a fellow artist, I appreciate everything in one place. 
Here is an example:  Trees Seeds 003 by amethystmstock
The term banner is a part of the description. This stock can be used for blogs, manipulations, etc. You can credit me if you wish so others can see which resources are useful...and I love seeing the work done by the wonderful artists! 
Thank you for your question! Have fun! 
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If I right click on your banner image, I only get to "save as JPG" which means I will just get the banner itself.  I see no other download button on this page.  I expect I am being blind, and just overlooking the obvious, but... yep I'm blind sometimes... (just ask my wife!)

At any rate, could you point me where to actually press a button to download these resources?  (cutting my comment further and further because Deviant "thinks it is spam" -- trying to get below whatever is triggering that...)
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This banner is just a label, not stock. If you look through my gallery you will find the unrestricted stock. Click on any stock image and it will have a download button (unless I screwed up, which I am known to do). I have art images I have creates and some photography, but they are in the folders labeled NOT STOCK. Browse around and feel free to ask me any questions.
You  might want to start with the "Currently Featured Stock"  Folder.
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Do you allow pre-made backgrounds to be made from your stock?
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Yes! I am honored. That's why I set up this account. Thank you! :happybounce: Heart 
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It is my pleasure! I am only just learning
the premade process, so I hope I can
make you proud! :la: :hug:
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