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Bat Divider

A divider, because... Why not? : D Designed it for my roleplay page is all, I couldn't find one I liked so I whipped this simple lil' thing up. -v-

I.. I don't know what category this goes into. LMAO

Feel free to use, I'll appreciate a fav if you do though. \;v;/
If you're using this outside of deviantART, I'd appreciate that you give credit to me and/or link back to this/my page. C:

Art (c) AmethystManiac (me~)
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© 2015 - 2021 AmethystManiac
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Hello! I used this on my carrd! When clicked on the divider, it leads here!

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Hi! I used it here Can You Stay? by Fiendcute Thank you Dd6ahrq-9b1d4ce5-e262-4b5b-a9cb-d9587b4bf973 by Fiendcute
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Using this, thanks so much, it's beautiful :3
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Haha, no problem at all. ;v;/
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This is so cute, used it on my page ^^
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Used On My Page And Love This. I'll Give You Credit (c) (AmethystManiac)
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Haha thank you, I'm glad it's liked. c:
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Hi! I used it on my page, I love it!!! Thank you very much !! BatFREE flying hearts Icon 
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This is very lovely!
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Thank you! Much appreciated. :aww:
This divider is gorgeous, thanks for sharing! I think I may use it as a Chapter Ornament in the reprint of my books - I'm Melanie Nowak, author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN. If I use it, I will certainly give you a credit in the front matter of the book ;-)  The new editions should be coming out later this year.
You can check the series out on my Amazon Author Page here:…
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Ah thank you, glad you think so. :aww:
If you do then that is awesome haha, your series there certainly sounds interesting. o:
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You did a real nice job with this. Thank you!

I used it here:…
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Ah glad to hear that then. Thank you also. c:
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I don't usually use stuff like this so could you tell me how to use it?
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Sure, in the details section of this is a thumb code, just copy and paste that small code where you wish it and a smaller version of this should appear.
Another way of doing it is by using a little html if it is supported, in which case the code would be this: <img src="…">
Might need to replace the direct image link though, seeing as it got shrunk. c':

With that version you can specify what size you want it as well by using this: <img width="500" src="…">
Just change the width number to something more suiting to the size you seek. c:
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Thank you that helps so much
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No problem at all, I'm glad it does. ;v;
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