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Riserverse Primer: Battle Of Leona Infographic

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I was going to write a full journal about the Battle of Leona, but I liked how this felt a bit better. A full story for this 15-hour battle would be much longer than a journal would really allow, thus you get the infographic. It gives enough information to give you a solid idea of how bad it was.

One of the results that I did not include in the infographic was this: the CCPD Chief of Police - Herbert Calamosca - was outed as being a Kochabii mole, though at first everyone thought he was a Kochabii meatsuit. Calamosca ended up resigning and then quietly committing suicide in his house as the officers were arriving to take him into custody.

Also, I made a handy-dandy list of CCPD officers who were involved in the Battle of Leona who are still on duty in present day for the Riserverse (2016-2017)...
        Commander Thomas Warner, now Chief of Police
        Lieutenant G. Finnbar MacCallum, now Assistant Chief
        Sergeant Maurice Ball, now Deputy Chief (and K9 Officer)
        Sergeant Liam Griffith, now Commander (and SWAT Officer)
        Officer Winifred O'Neill, now Commander (and Arson Investigator)
        Officer Kerry Grant, now Lieutenant (and K9 Officer)
        Officer Russell Townsend, now Lieutenant (and Detective)
        Officer Paul White, now Lieutenant (and Arson Investigator)
        Officer Leland Brenning, now Lieutenant (and SWAT Officer)
        Officer Owen Welch, now Sergeant (and SWAT Officer)
        Officer Reuben Wheeler, now Sergeant (and Detective)

Now that this is released, don't be surprised if you start seeing short stories pop up here and there (by myself, KiboTheBeerNomad, or spidermonkey0609) regarding what certain characters were up to during the Battle of Leona.
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