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Aki - Child, School Uniform

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Aki is a mascot I made back in the day of RPG muses, along with her partner-in-crime / frenemy for eternity Megami. Aki is an anime-styled kitsune because I love kitsune and thought it would be super cute. She often gets chibified for my amusement because her big mouth gets her into trouble.

Elementary school uniform, shoes: JamieMoon
Mugen school uniform: Sirena-Voyager
Tails: SugarRoseDoll
Hair, ears, base: Verdy-K
Eyes, lips: Me
SSMU: SharmClucas SSMU
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So should we expect a kitsune to be worked into the Riserverse in the future?
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I have heavily debated adding Aki and Megami to the Riserverse, especially with the "Expanded Riserverse", which will have monsters and mythical creatures like vampires, werewolves, and kitsune... 

There are already dragons (of a sort), so it isn't like these two will be much of a stretch! :rofl:
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What, you didn't know there are dragons? ;)

Once my computer is being a bit more compliant I'll consider releasing her profile.