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Aimes family restaurant - the RxR Station

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** WARNING: Heavy sarcasm in the legend! **

This is the restaurant owned by Carla & Suzie Aimes, Angie's grandmother and mother (better known as Granny or Grandma and Grammy by Ellie and the other Aimes children), in the rural (fictional) city of Cedar Creek in southwestern Pennsylvania. (Address is 12 Municipal Drive.)

The building has existed since the late 1870s, but was purchased by Carla's family in the late 1880s and opened as a general store and temporary boarding place in 1890. Sometime in the early 1900s it became a restaurant.

Suzie came into co-ownership with her mother-in-law around the time DJ was born, so all three Aimes children spent a lot of time in the restaurant while they grew. Their first jobs were also in the family business, starting under the table.

Suzie and Carla opened the basement's unused areas to the Shadow Risers in 2013, hoping to help the local vigiliantes that they had always supported. Angie, Magda, and Matoseonnos worked together and got the secondary base (their "field base") into shape by the end of 2013. It went into operation on New Year's Eve 2013 after an extensive fight with Mat to get him out of Omega and into his cushy new corner tech-pod.

Ellie also holds an adolescent job in the business, starting under the table in 2013 for spending money and working as a waitress starting in December 2014. (You don't want to know how many patrons she's cussed out or hit for being lecherous to an underage girl.)

For alternate adventures of these characters and further appearances of the R&R Station Restaurant, please see Roysovitch's Earth-27 project. He was kind enough to bring my characters into his narrative and has done excellent work with them!

I don't mind if you download the building; you can zoom in and see all the tiny things that way.
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Most excellent. What kind of food does the RxR serve? Would Guy Fieri visit it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?
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Probably! :rofl:

Lots of homestyle fare. Burgers & fries, wings, fried chicken, lasagna, reubens, hot roast beef sandwiches, pierogies, pastas (including basic spaghetti & marinara and things like chicken alfredo), salad cheese sticks, onion rings, lots of breakfast foods (French toast, pancakes, waffles, etc), and so on.

They'd do fish fry foods (fried fish sandwiches, pierogies, gnocchis, halushki, hush puppies...) during Lent.

If you want a full rundown I can probably do it in a journal, lol.
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Omg, yes I'd definitely eat there and be a frequent customer
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I thought you'd like it :D
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