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The Emerald Fire (Monochrome Version)

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Hello beautifuls Heart ,

This is a piece that had been hunting me for months to draw Sweating a little... .

Castlevania season 3 was a roller-coaster and I did not like how it ended for my precious Adrian. We really need for Maria to return and heal him, although I am certain that we are not
gonna get to see her anytime soon since Castlevania Symphony of The Night is way after Trevor and Sypha's timeline. In the meantime, I have been working on some Maria x Adrian pieces for some time. Here is the only one I finished completely and decided to post.

The original picture is not black and white, however if you would kindly help me reach 300 watchers -- please, please, please... -- I will post the colored version as a token of appreciation Love. Guess till then, I will be working on something similar for D x Doris, Charlotte and Meier as well. Happy Hunting!

Maria Renard and Alucard Belong to Castlevania/Konami
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Beautiful work here! Lewis Heart icon The greyscale suits so well!

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Wow, the details on that dress are absolutely stunning! And I love the soft shading on the hair of both characters and crisp collar on the male character, that looks so realistic :stare: You are extremely talented, and I hope you'll share more of your art soon! :la:

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I sincerely appreciate the time you spent writing such kind and beautiful comment :heart:.

I am so glad that you liked my work, and I am grateful for your generous support and kindness. It usually takes me long to draw and complete a piece since I brainstorm a lot to come up with something new and nice. Reading comments such as yours encourage me to continue my hard work.

Rest assured I will post more in the near future. Again, thank you for everything!

Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]

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:hug: I'm glad if that's the case, because talent and skill such as yours should be encouraged and displayed in wonderful works such as this one :heart:

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The work you did on her dress is amazing!

I'm not familiar with the extended Castlevania lore but now my hopes are up that Adrian has someone that is there for him! Adrian needs and deserves so much more love in the Netflix series, poor babe

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Thank for putting time writing this long and beautiful comment Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] I am so glad that you liked my work :love:.

I am also not familiar with the entire Castlevania franchise, besides the Symphony of the Night and the Lord of Shadow series. One of the main reasons I got interested in the franchise in the first place was because of Adrian's character and his connection, as you have noticed as well, to Vampire Hunter D for being his older brother.

I really hoped this season would feature Maria but I am afraid that her timeline way in the future. I think she and Richter Belmont come two generations after Sypha and Trevor. So I guess, we have to wait some more seasons till they arrive ^^;. But like you, I hope Adrian would receive some love and protection in the end. I heard some rumors Dracula and Lisa will return, so we'll see :meow: .

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You're most welcome! Pika Arca Hug

Maria and Richter Belmont come 2 generations after Sypha and Trevor? oh no that is quite a long way away D: Adrian has to be alone for that long? My heart aches so much for him ;_;

Now I'm hoping Netflix will keep releasing more seasons of this epic story and universe. I was dismayed how silly (& selfish, I wish they didn't leave Adrian) Trevor and Sypha were in this season, and am crossing fingers they reunite with him before I mentally write them off xD

Dracula and Lisa returning would be so exciting! Cos that would likely mean there'd be more focus on Adrian again rabbit heart emoji

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The least season ended too bad for Adrian. He was really the best person to put an end to the war between vampires and humans like Lisa wanted since he represents both sides, but now he is in deep depression. May be in the next season he'll recover.

Really rooting for someone like Lenore and Hector to team up with Alucard and the rest of the trio to end the war, but so far all the circumstances are against that.

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I sincerely appreciate for putting time and writing a long comment :heart: . As you mentioned, Adrian has been sufferings since the last two seasons, and I am also hoping that some good happens to him in the fourth one... I really, really hope cuz...

I really don't want to spread any bad vibes, but I think I read one of the producer's interviews in which he mentioned things are going to escalate toward worse. So I don't think... ... hmm... Well I hope it won't end up as bad as I feel :faint:. We have to wait and see.

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Yeah, I've seen that one with Kevin Kolde, that characters could change, and "may be not for the better". Hard to say what it means, but I hope they end the 4th season on more positive note, the ending of 3rd was way too depressive and gloomy, with the last episode literally called "Abandon all hope". May be they'll name the last in the 4th "New hope" or something :)

For me the end of that war would be the best ending of the season. And not sure who besides Lenore who is already a peacemaker and Adrian who supported that idea thanks to Lisa would be even interested in pursuing that goal.

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I was confused for a second there when I read "coloured pencils" and yet it's in black and white. XD Was thinking I woke up as a dog... :XD:

It's really effective though. :heart:

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I guess I got you :giggle: I was scanning with my printer and forgot that I put the setting to Black and White scan and was surprised by the result. But I guess it was worth the small mistake :heart: Nevertheless, thank you for your kindness :love:

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Thank you so much for your continued support Heart bum

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