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That Made My Love so High and Me so Low
AN: This story contains heavy spoilers from Final Fantasy XV Ardyn's Episode. The title is taken from one of the poems written by William Blake (Shepherd, 1887).
"Long ago, there lived a man blessed by the gods and revered by the people as their savior. His name was Ardyn Lucis Caelum, and he was to have served as the first king of Lucis."
The legend was true, but it was passed on from generation to generation through different words, turning the true story from a tragedy into an omen needed to be forgotten. I was brought back to a time and place with hardly any properties, cities or towns built. A time that civilizations were at their starting grounds, including the Lucis Kingdom. I saw villages occupied by only a small number of populations, almost scarce to be precise.
Words were spread that an illness called the Starscourge was causing the already
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I Have No Life But This by Amethyst-Phoenixx I Have No Life But This :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 53 18
I Curse My Stars in Bitter Grief and Woe
AN: This story contains heavy spoilers from Final Fantasy XV Ardyn's Episode. The title is taken from one of the poems written by William Blake (Shepherd, 1887).
"What a waste risking your life for those pitiful humans you call friends."
My yell echoed in the lower floors of the Zegnautus Keep. When I arrived, Ravus' battered and lifeless body was the first sight that welcomed me so horrendously. I did not need to think for too long or search for the criminal who caused a man with such resolve and strength such fatal fate. He was standing right in front of me with that smug, sinister face. Ardyn Izunia. His feature kept turning from human to daemon, struggling to keep his internal excitement and joy in check for seeing my pained and grieved expression.
Without hesitation, I had charge blindly at him, using every streng
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Brotherly Reunion by Amethyst-Phoenixx Brotherly Reunion :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 27 12 The Waltz by Amethyst-Phoenixx The Waltz :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 35 26 Thank You for B-Day Wishes (^//V//^) by Amethyst-Phoenixx Thank You for B-Day Wishes (^//V//^) :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 30 29 [Commission] Searching by Amethyst-Phoenixx [Commission] Searching :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 20 14 Happy New Year 2019 by Amethyst-Phoenixx Happy New Year 2019 :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 41 26 Merry Christmas Everyone by Amethyst-Phoenixx Merry Christmas Everyone :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 32 22 Happy Halloween 2018 by Amethyst-Phoenixx Happy Halloween 2018 :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 34 21 Happy 18th Birthday DeviantArt! by Amethyst-Phoenixx Happy 18th Birthday DeviantArt! :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 12 6 Happy 17th Birthday DeviantArt! by Amethyst-Phoenixx Happy 17th Birthday DeviantArt! :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 10 9 VHD/Castlevania Doujin (Line-art Completed) by Amethyst-Phoenixx VHD/Castlevania Doujin (Line-art Completed) :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 12 12
Heal a Broken Heart: Resurrection (Ch_2)
Chapter 2: First Nightmare
Do you know the terror of he who falls asleep? To the very toes he is terrified, Because the ground gives away under him, and the dream begins… - Fredrick Nietzsche
I was running in a dark corridor; darker than my eyes could see. The sound of my thundering footsteps and loud frantic panting echoed in the vacant place. My eyes could barely make out of the foreign surrounding, the silhouettes of objects, thus, I kept hitting different obstacles unknown to me. The pain was real but not quite severe to cause serious damage. At least, I hoped it didn’t. In addition, the fear I felt resulted in adrenaline being pumped into my veins, making aches barely noticeable.
I’m in a nightmare… …again!
Even though my logic turned the wheels inside my fuzzy head on and demanded to stop to analyze the situation, my body was not in agreement with my brain; it kept on running as if derived by my human instinct for sur
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VHD WIPs by Amethyst-Phoenixx VHD WIPs :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 15 14 Ice-cream Pleasure! by Amethyst-Phoenixx Ice-cream Pleasure! :iconamethyst-phoenixx:Amethyst-Phoenixx 40 30


under your wings by kokecit under your wings :iconkokecit:kokecit 339 27 Purifying by kokecit Purifying :iconkokecit:kokecit 673 50 Dante+Vergil by exiletohell Dante+Vergil :iconexiletohell:exiletohell 27 1 Coming Home by bathsheb Coming Home :iconbathsheb:bathsheb 1 1 You're my light by LilRedGummie You're my light :iconlilredgummie:LilRedGummie 17 2 Nero by exiletohell Nero :iconexiletohell:exiletohell 31 1 DMC5 V by exiletohell DMC5 V :iconexiletohell:exiletohell 15 1 DMC5 Dante by exiletohell DMC5 Dante :iconexiletohell:exiletohell 49 4 DMC5 Vergil by exiletohell DMC5 Vergil :iconexiletohell:exiletohell 63 4 Ice and Fire by ChristinZakh Ice and Fire :iconchristinzakh:ChristinZakh 277 44 Lady Of Winterfell by ChristinZakh Lady Of Winterfell :iconchristinzakh:ChristinZakh 288 44 Mother of Dragons, Daughter of Death by ChristinZakh Mother of Dragons, Daughter of Death :iconchristinzakh:ChristinZakh 388 63 Spring of Sins by Krawark Spring of Sins :iconkrawark:Krawark 1,211 19 Paperman by ColnChen Paperman :iconcolnchen:ColnChen 2,688 175 Top of the world by ColnChen Top of the world :iconcolnchen:ColnChen 687 23 He's here. by ColnChen He's here. :iconcolnchen:ColnChen 731 19


Glad to see that after all that happened in Devil May Cry 5 everyone is safe and sound. The Sparda twins are still trapped in the demon world but I am sure that they will eventually find a way out or Nero would help them. I mean, after so many years, we have finally the whole family together and we all are just dying to know who Nero's mother is and Vergil is the only one that can explain that. Imagine that?! :happybounce: My only concern is I hope the twins get out soon before another catastrophe strikes. I mean, we probably have to wait for a very long time again to have Devil May Cry 6, but I keep thinking that Mundus is still alive and only trapped in the demons world. I hope the twins would be safe and Mundus would not... oh well... let's leave it to time and the incredible Capcom producer to enlighten us again with another SSStylishly Jackpot game again :love: 


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