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Commission for CRSTO20- Lauren Tennyson

Commission for :iconcrsto20:

from this fanfic:…:

Lauren Tennyson, daughter of Ben and Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 fan fiction Little Moments: Director's Cut By: shadows59
Age: 7
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 46 pounds
Race: White
Eye Color: apple Green
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Hair Style: Waist long french braid
Build: Fit
Clothing: red Steven Universe t-shirt with the yellow star and white skirt.
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Great work! :clap:

Just drew her & Kenny for a commission for csgt.

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Steven universe shirt
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Okay, I’m a little put off by the fact Ben and Gwen would have a child as that’s still incest and especially since they were almost raised as brother and sister and share that sort of bond in my opinion, but Lauren is an flipping adorable kid and I still have to give kudos to the artist for both art style and just making her so cute.
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This reminds me of Steven Universe
And every bit as smart as her momma.
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Awesome I loved the little moments story 
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Not bad, still think that the face and eyes need some refinement since i still see a guy there
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Ken's cute little sister. love it. 
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Cute drawing. She looks really adorable.
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Daughter of Ben and Gwen?

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That's what I was wondering, because Ben and Gwen are cousins
Okay, maybe this actually needs to get explicated.

Yes, they're cousins. No, that doesn't automatically mean that any kid they have is automatically doomed to suffer birth defects and inherited diseases and in general be a misshapen discolored lump of vaguely-human flesh. Quite the contrary, common knowledge drastically exaggerates the actual dangers involved here.

In the general population, the chances of birth defects and infant mortality rates -still exist-. Incest does not create those risks where they previously didn't exist. 

Further, while it is a common finding that incest -does- heighten those chances (some studies even drawing the conclusion that they double in probability), the baseline risks are so low that even the heightened chances are borderline negligible (approx. 2% contra approx. 4% of risk for birth defects) in first-generation cases. It bears mention that other factors like drinking and smoking and -being in your 30s/40s- can raise those chances to similar levels.
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That's terrific, but still, they are cousins, why would you want to have a child with your cousin
Same reason(s) non-cousin couples would.
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