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Sparkling Pride Hearts (for discord, collages etc)

By amethicc
I made some sparkling pride hearts, since I love sparkling heart emojis! These can be used for discord or any other site where you can upload your own emojis to use, as well as in collages etc. It would be nice to credit me if used in non-private collages though and tag me so I can see how you've used these :)
Also thanks to Pride-Flags for the high quality flag uploads, so grateful <3

List: Got too long so find it here!

UPDATE 16/04/21: Sorted out the subfolder placements! Have no idea how they got that misorganised, clearly I wasn't concentrating when I dragged them into the folders... also please bear with me for requests, I'm currently a student and my degree is kicking my arse rn.

WARNING: Neurogender, nebularomantic and Two-Spirit are exclusive labels only to be used by certain groups. Read the doc above for more info, and DO NOT ADOPT THEM unless you can claim them for yourself. For example: I can choose to adopt the labels neurogender and nebularomantic if I like because I am autistic, but I could not apply them to myself if I wasn't autistic.

Thank you so much everyone for all the comments and bookmarks, I really appreciate it :3
Requests* are appreciated, I'm a bit forgetful... please be patient though, I'm a full-time student and don't check here too often.

*Please note that I won't fulfil some requests because of either not being LGBTQ (e.g. kink/BDSM), or because they are questionable or offensive ("satirical" identities, m*p/virp*d/etc.).

Lesbian flag is the new version made by sadlesbiandisaster.
*I also will not be making the pink or labrys lesbian flags for reasons; the labrys has been appropriated by T*RFs and therefore I as both a civilised and a trans person feel very uncomfortable about promoting it as it stands, and the pink flag's origins/creator are extremely questionable. TLDR: I'm not here to endorse/promote/accept transphobia or enbyphobia, especially not in my own community.
© 2018 - 2021 amethicc
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why is the trans heart under "sexual_romantic orientations"??

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oof, should probably check here more often. idk why half of the emojis are in the wrong folders but i'm gonna update the file now! apologies for the mix up

hi! woudl it be possible to make the queer flag (the one with the purple chevrons)? if not i understand !!

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no problem! i will get that done asap :)

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Hello, I was wondering could I use some of your emojis for a school presentation about the history of the LGBT community ?

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And I will credit you of course!

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So sorry for the late reply!!! I'm guessing the presentation has passed but for future reference it's completely ok to use these for stuff like that! As long as you're being respectful in your usage and not passing them off as your own (and credit me if you share it online) you can use them however you want!

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Could you add Trixic and Toric hearts?

this is amazing! i have all of these as emojis in my pride discord server! can you also add the polyam heart but the new design? ( you don't have to, of course)

great job!

Thanks so much! I'll be crediting you

Thank you for creating these! I'm uncertain whether I will make a discord server project I'm working on public but if I do, I'll be using these and attributing you!

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I love these! I just wanted to pop in and say that, no, the person below me is incorrect, and both flags are known for the same thing. Taking the lipstick off doesn't erase the creator lmao

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Wondering if you'd be willing to update the Polyamory flag with one of the "new" designs? I'm partial to but you're the designer! XD

SonicObsessedInter's avatar there that is, it isn't exactly like the one you linked, I can make it that way if you like

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Oh I LOVE it! Thank you so so much!

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I could do that if you would like!

Could you please do a cupioromantic heart?

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i rly like these, but i wanna say the "the labrys has been appropriated by T*RFs and therefore I as both a civilised and a non-cis person feel very uncomfortable about promoting it as it stands" bit is rly lesbophobic and a bit transphobic. cis lesbian trans allies and trans lesbians have been working extremely hard to remove the negative stigma around the labrys flag and branding it as a "terf flag" is really lesbophobic and transphobic bc several trans lesbians and trans lesbian allies are trying to take it back and it's a v important part of our history! not to mention it gives terfs what they want -- their own symbol stolen from us. trans lesbians have been working the hardest to reclaim it. (i'm trying to reclaim it as a non-cis lesbian myself) you don't need to make it, but that comment at the end was extremely unnecessary and only adds to the negative stigma that lesbians (especially non-cis lesbians) face and contributes to the constant policing we face.

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I mean you can be as offended as you want but A) it was designed by a man and is horrible choice for lesbian pride B) a pain in the ass to print or replicate C) sure you can fight it as much as you want but when there's better options you are waisting your time D) the blatant reference to the holocaust makes jewish lesbians uncomfortable and unlike other flags with traingles your flag is a direct reference to the holocaust.

"This flag is commonly used as a hate symbol and I'm uncomfortable making content with it

"THATS LESBOPHOBIC" stop reaching

Thank you so much for making these! Going to use some of these in one of my Discord servers. Will credit there as well.

hi! would you be willing to make a quoi- heart? thank you!

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Would you be willing to do a BDSM pride flag?

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