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What if I told you fairies are real?

What if I told you fairies are real?
~They live in your heart and know what you feel.

What if I told you dreams do come true?
~Would you call me a liar like I want you to?

What if I told you this is the end?
It would be true, some wounds do not mend.

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:D Thanks! I'm eager to do something similar (realistic fairies and animals) but this kind of thing takes SO long for me to do so I've been putting it off! :p

Doing some non-realistic fairies for work though ~ will have to tide me over for now :D
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Beautiful painting and nice concept!
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Thank you! I was hoping to be able to work on it more but figured I'd just upload it since it took me so long :D
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You are welcome! And I see. Well it already is a perfect painting this way. Do you plan to continue working on it later?
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Awe thanks! That means a lot!

I'm not sure yet.. I don't have a lot of time and want to do way more of my own art but it takes so long (particularly the realistic styles)
so who knows! It bothers me not to finish it to a point where I'm happy with it but my spouse pretty much said the same thing - 'its perfect' :/ I'm difficult to please.

I think the fairy turned out okay - there's a few things that bug me here & there but I think the pigeon looks a bit off. If I do end up continuing it will just be a bunch of tiny fixes no one except me would really notice and improving the background. I really skimped there. I was also planning on expanding the scene but looking at it now I actually like the white space. It was just a method to finish it off quicker but I think I'll keep it like that :D
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Oh you are welcome! :love:

I understand that feeling. When we have inspiration, we're likely out of time. That irritating feeling appears when we cannot make a piece done. And perhaps it will keep annoying us until we fix our work.

But I think you should be proud of yourself. I mean... I've never seen someone who analyzes artworks as thoughtfully as you do. You're feeling unsatisfactory because of some minor details. You want your arts to be as proper as possible. That makes you an artist with a heart. Keep it up! :love:

By the way, I also like the white space in the background as well. It makes the painting looks more dreamy and magical.
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Yeah :/ its very frustrating!

Thanks! If I do come back to this at some point I'm definitely keeping the white space in :D
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But maybe someday we will be able to make arts better than we ever expect? ^_^ Anything can happen. We may end up getting results that are satisfying.

As for me, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artworks! :love:
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\o/ I hope so! Thanks ^^ Hopefully soon! I got some paint but I'm afraid to use it properly since its so small! Need to get some courage :p
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