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Just a Dream

"Just" series. This was a commission I when I first started freelancing that didn't work out.

Just a Dream by ameshinJust a winter Kitty by ameshinJust Reality by ameshin 




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 Rich of feminine

wonderful :wave:
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Very pretty. I love the design of the dress.
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Oh she is lovely!  
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Wow! It's beautiful! So simple yet so detailed... Great work~ :3
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:heart: Thanks! The actual size is quite big. I worked almost a full 72 hours straight on it :heart: It paid off but the client ran after delivery lol
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Oww >,< that's a pity... But 72 h on such a detailed work... Quite fast for me :D
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Awe thanks! Oddly enough I did this about a year after starting art again after about 10 year break... so all things considered I guess it was pretty fast.
I actually meant to say 48 hours though ^^; I worked two days straight without any rest because they wanted very high quality fast.

I don't have nearly as much stamina as I did when I made this so it would likely take me way longer now...or...maybe not.. who knows; it could be a mental thing :p

I hope I can put this amount of dedication in to another work of my own in the future at some point :heart:
It always makes me sad thinking about if I knew I wasn't getting paid for this I would have added more of my own interests to both images.
As beautiful as she is shes a little boring for my personal tastes.
The other one (Just Reality by ameshin ) is unique but not really my thing either..... lol
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Oh, I'm always working at a veeery slow rate. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so sometimes I'm just correcting the same parts of the picture over and over... So frustrating :D but it's always a nice thing when people notice all this hard work.
I definitely can see how much effort was put in here, so big thumbs up from me ;)

Did that request you got excluded adding more of presonal interests?
The other picture is also very nice... somewhat old-styled, isn't it? :heart:
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Thanks :D I know exactly what you mean~ I'm the same way. Most people don't notice when you put a LOT of effort in to something. I'm really rarely able to do it but I'm hoping that will change in the future :)

I did actually add a little more to the first request Just a dream. Her hair was originally pure black without the braid. It's so dark so its difficult to see on some monitors but her hair is deep purple / red :D

If it was my choice I'd likely lose the violin or make it more of a fantasy style instrument, probably give her elf ears and a light white makeup around the eyes~ maybe a little hair accessory and make her clothing more visible. Something with a really unique cut :D
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Oh, I also was almost sure that her hair is pure black :D that was a surprise. I'd love to see her in the setting you described (I love the fantasy genre/settings :heart:)
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:D Thanks~

I actually made something kind of like that for my 600th watcher gift :D So when I hit 600 that's going up ^^

The style is a little different though, I got carried away.
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So beautiful, great drawing 
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Really Pretty 😊
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I want her dress <3
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Thanks :D one of the details I put a lot of effort in to.
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