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1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Race Car

This Mustang will compete tomorrow at the famous rallye La Carrera Panamericana Mexico!

Location: Singen, Germany | Instagram  | Facebook  | Facebook

If you are interested in Prints or licensing photos, please contact me at

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So what is this La Carrera Panamericana Mexico?…

An Endurance race of the 50s. Dangerous even in old standards but you had to race there as a pro
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Thanks. But that question was asked almost a year ago.
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a famous dangerous rallye for old race cars in mexico
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I think I herd of that before.
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Good choice for a race. ;P

It's been a while you've posted this, so since it already raced by now, how did it do?
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if I remember correctly they was in the middle of the field!
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Alright then. ;P
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Great angle and lighting (and cool car :) )
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Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout!!!!
Pulchra-Ineritus's avatar
Funny the words "lol fuck" are in the background on the building
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Und wieder ein Meisterstueck!

I do not know how you manage it.
You always have great cars in great scenes, and I absolutely like your style in post processing the images.

I just checked out your homepage, and it blew me away.
Very impressive!
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Very cool Mustang race car. :D
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