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I want to watch the sun die dangit!.
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Yes, this!

We are the precursor stage for a species of robosapiens.
All the proof you need is knowing that 5T hdds are now available for less than $150 USD.

Next stop, colonization of the universe.
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All aboard. Choo-choo motherf*ckers.
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What an interesting, clever, and open-minded thought!
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never thought of it that way!
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yup, thats why gods here to bitch smack u back to peasant surfs, there can be only one! 
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Very nice, thank you!
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Life as we know it will have vanished from the face of the Earth long before the Sun actually dies.

The Earth isn't going to be safe until that 10-billionth year, nor is the Sun going to be unchanged until then. The Sun is getting hotter and brighter, little by little, with each passing moment as it burns up its fuel, loses its inner sustaining pressure, and contracts upon itself, which will make it burn hotter and brighter, and so on and so forth. The Earth will boil and fry to a crisp long before it leaves behind a pitiful legacy in the form of a very slight increase in the metallicity of the Sun.

We have maybe a billion years to get our shit together and get out of here. If we're very, very lucky. If we don't nuke ourselves first. If we don't eat each other alive.
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I wonder what life on earth will be like when the sun dies, or if there will be any life to see, feel, or experience it before their own demise. 
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I like it :) I always hated the trope that makes humans out to be the pinnacle of life. As if all life is crawling through evolution just to some day become like us humans. It's the same sense of unmerited self-importance that made people once think that earth was the center of the universe. It's the same mentality that some people have when they ask why all monkeys haven't become human yet (well, there are a lot of other problems with that question, but...)

I was reading a book on genetics recently, and the author made a great point. Humans are an example of a species that evolved to complexity, but not one that evolved to, or is any closer to perfection, than any other given species. There are different ways of thinking about genetic and evolutionary "perfection" (it's all sort of relative). But for example, there are quite a few species of bacteria that have a far more perfect genome than humans, despite the fact that they are exponentially less complex. As we acquire mutations, certain genes lose their functions, migrate to the wrong spots where they become ineffective, etc. Some bacteria have evolved to the point of purging their genomes of such "garbage" genes, while we have a not insignificant amount of the stuff. This is possible because evolutionary time is measured in generations, not in years. Bacteria have millions of generations for each one of ours.
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Same entirely! I always wondered why humans thought they were so great my entire life. I mean, we in general are very intelligent, usually, but that also makes us the dumbest species. The more and more intelligent a species is, the more and more room for variety there is in stupid behaviors to oppose that intelligence. At least, that's the logical conclusion I think I have come to.

   Also always thought they were the ugliest species on earth ;) (Wink) I have met no one yet who holds the same subjective perspective.

   I agree completely with your second paragraph, I had come to that same conclusion in my childhood. It kind of surprises me that not many persons have thought of it that way, they either haven't taken the slightest time to ponder, have been conditioned by society, or they don't want to believe it. Or, any combination of those three. 
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That's actually quite true in a way. What makes us intelligent compared to other species is that we have almost 10x the neurons of our closest ape cousins. However, despite having a higher cognitive capacity, our brains are more or less composed of the same parts. Even with our heightened capacity to think, we are still slaves to the brain processes that cause our emotional reactions, instincts, and biases - things which can help us to survive, but also sometimes make us really appear "dumb".

As for beauty or ugliness, as you say, it's all subjective :) We're all just a pile of proteins stuck together in different shapes. That applies to all life on earth. Our brains are designed for mating, so we find members of our own species attractive. Otherwise, we would never have sex and the species would die out. In other words, for animals that mate, there is a driving instinct to find attraction, and any such species that doesn't have the ability to find attractiveness will die out, so only species that have the capability of seeing attractiveness are capable of survival. But in reality, there's nothing particularly special physical appearance - like I said, we're all just a pile of proteins :)
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  That, and the fact that the more advanced and intelligent we are, the wider variety of action and thought processes we can do, and therefore the larger number and wider variety of mistakes we can make. 

   Besides, I can't imagine any animal doing the thing that this guy does for whatever impressive/humor/any reasons:…
    It was a video before it was taken down off the Internet. In it, the man stomps and jumps on the ice, and then he falls into the water and screams. 
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Human conceit dies hard. For many, admitting we are not the center of existence is painful, but reality is what it is regardless of how it makes you feel.
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Still, beautifully humbling, somewhat depending on you not being part of the many in that particular classification. 
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I'm not sure what you mean by "part of the many."
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"Human conceit dies hard. (For many), admitting we are not the center of existence is painful, but reality is what it is regardless of how it makes you feel." 

Your parent comment. :)

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I see now. For some reason that didn't click. Yes, I agree. 
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It's likely, but not 100% certain.  You forget that human beings are self-conscious, and aware of who and what they are (unless they are creationists), and may make the effort to continue the species as it is. :hmm:
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Precisely :) Shame though
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I doubt that. Evolution is still ongoing, but it has slowed down. The first land mammals emerged what before the cretaceous era? If you compare the 100 million years before then to the 100 million years after then, a lot more changed in the 100 million years prior than the 100 million from then to now. We are probably going to approach an asymptote of some sort. 
AmericanDreaming's avatar
Evolution has not stopped nor has it slowed down.
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Also sorry for getting back to you so late. As we live longer, evolution slows down logically seeing as we, in the Darwinian Model at least, evolve mostly from generation to generation and not... through biological transformations in our lifetime.

If we reach the point where nanites allow us to live to thousands of years old, and we reproduce less, then evolution for our species would slow down.
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