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Recruiting for the Alt-Right

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From the New York Magazine article "#MeToo and the Taboo Topic of Nature" (1/2018) by Andrew Sullivan.…

To all who peddle such notions, denying biological facts and making irresponsibly sweeping denunciations, know that you are doing the alt-right's work for them.  That doesn't exculpate the fools who join the alt-right or related movements; responsibility must lie chiefly with the individual, but many such individuals are being given a wholly unnecessary nudge in that direction.  What you call getting woke, others will call getting red-pilled. 

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All of this has a very simple response: Nature is what we were put on earth to rise above. Nothing in modern human society is natural. If you can't control your natural impulses, then go out and live in a cave.

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Some of my content gets a fair amount of Right-leaning commenters, but if you truly want to see Right-wing comments, go to any political group on this site that isn't explicitly Left-wing, and you may as well be on Gab...
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Behaviors are not limited by one's biological sex. Using blanket statements, even ones as "innocent" as "Don't be a dick,", carry the idea that certain behaviors are limited/influenced by someone's biological sex and are damaging in themselves. 

You don't need to biologically have one or the other to be an asshole or all these other behaviors that should be frowned on, regardless of one's sex. 
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Feminism started out as a noble idea. Women did not have the right to vote. Women were legally barred from most professions. Women were not allowed to own property. Somewhere along the way, feminism went to excess. Andrea Dworkin portrayed sex as inherently violent. Now, a lot of people who believe in equality reject the label of "feminism."
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Well said. There are too many things such people view as being "inherently" bad, and without any good argument to back it up.
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You guys have some serious issues, MUCH more serious than North Korea...
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This is my 'take' on this:

IF one has been 'put down/raped/thrown out of jobs/had no career in jobs considered not OK for women etc. Then I am NOT in the least surprised by this backlash. However I do think it is pertinent to remember that there is a LOT of vengeance from women toward men....this I don't think will stop for a while. I think it important to let it out (in a less aggressive manner).

Maybe after every woman has had their say we can start to rebuild the differences between us both.
I know, for the most part, men are understanding and capable of thinking differently......

At one point I put a discussion on my Profile page regarding older men AFTER they have retired...........fascinating how they think they can do nothing to help in the house. Hundreds of reply's mostly from women. SO many marriages break-up after this happens. I think it is important to help men understand that this is not OK by slowly encoraging and showing them where 'house-keeping' is just a drudge!
My husband now knows where the Vaccum cleaner is kept and how to work the washing machine.......:dance:
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I hear ya. Certainly the household division of labor in most cases could be made more equal. :XD:
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I look at young people with family's now and I think they have got's the older men that won't budge!
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People get set in their ways.
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That's no excuse..................for 2 years  my husband and me have been in therapy to sort this out. This has worked but it is a battle!!!
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There is so much resentment and sense of isolation and alienation in Western societies now, and that has a huge role to play in Western politics. Interestingly I brought up the matter of resentment on another matter just recently.

A life based in such resentment is a toxic and dangerous one - some let it fester and become miserable and nasty people, some turn to narcotics to dullen the pain and anger, others to religion to give them hope of salvation from this world, and others to violence - either against themselves through self-harm and suicide or against others through abuse of others and murder. The ultimate solution is to strive to do the best you can given the situation you face and not let your mind linger into the might-have-beens or should-have-beens after the time they could have happened is long gone.
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A fair assessment, and a sound place to start.
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There are many things to be legitimately angry about, but you should do something realistic to address it. If you are cynical that so many people are nasty to others and selfish with no care for others, then instead of sinking away and hiding from the world, why not make one seemingly minescule dent in the history of the world by seeking to be empathetic and caring to others - then you have at least made a positive difference in someone's life that you would not have by just sitting at home thinking about how awful people are.
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A very stoic – and wise – approach. Control what you can control, free your mind from what you cannot. I have a piece along these lines planned at some point.
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I look forward to reading that piece. :)

I've put what I've said into practice by entering into social service work. I was in partisan politics, found that it requires so much effort just to get a small achievement. Laws have to be passed, so people able to do that work are needed, but the whole point of politics is enabling a society to be able to function. The best laws in the world will not be worth a thing if people are not willing to help people.

People love to pass the buck on responsibility for things going wrong, but ultimately as both Machiavelli and George Carlin have pointed out - corrupt leaders can be produced by a corrupt society, and unless people put forward efforts to challenge corruption in the society then they should not expect most of their leaders to be virtuous.
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Nice. The downside is that politics in most Western countries is a slog where progress is slow. The upside is that if you have incompetent or corrupt leadership, they are hindered in how much damage they can cause. It favors what some would call the status quo, what others would call stability. They are both correct. Hope everything works out!
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Very good points, and thanks for the support for the new job I got. :)
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what's that? James Damore did nothing wrong?

define the alt-right for me.
that's a very generalized term these days so depending on your definition you could be making an irresponsibly sweeping denunciation yourself.
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One of the main reasons I don’t like (modern!) feminism is precisely the beliefs about masculinity. Feminists nowadays have a lot of double standards in this area. Feminity is seen as natural, normal and harmless, whereas masculinity and testosterone are an inconvenience, type of poison, extremely toxic, and the way men act is incredibly unnatural and always down to the fact that the average joe guy has tons of power especially power over women. 

They selectively talk about masculine guys who are bad people. They never talk about the good side of men and examples of healthy working masculinity and almost always choose to showcase bad examples of it, which makes it seem as if they’re saying there’s no good way to be masculine. I don’t see any good that could come out of that. Self-loathing is not a healthy mentality to be in whether you’re male or female. If someone is naturally masculine as a man they should just be taught to be a responsible and nice guy. 
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Yes. And as you pointed out elsewhere, when a male lacks the traits or attributes of traditional masculinity, they also have no qualms about shaming or ridiculing them for that.
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It’s a social movement that in the first world is extremely confused about what it wants and what it’s goals are. The recent “intersectionailty” thing only further convinces me of that (the theories associated with it are like an overly complex secret code, that would take being in the feminist club to understand).
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Another problem is the erosion of men's due process rights when accused of sexual-fill-in-the-blank. He's expelled/fired no questions asked, and the media and general public immediately assume his guilt. All of which ruins lives and careers. The biggest example of this right now is the #MeToo movement.

And I don't see very many of the so-called moderate majority of feminists who claim to want gender equality protesting this unfairness, and I'm not the only one. It's that kind of hypocrisy and bigotry that more and more men are railing against.
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