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Unattentive, Unaware, and Inac
I want my fist raised until my arm is sore
Wrists unafraid of fascist restraint bracelets
I want my voice in sync with a thousand others
Screaming because we can and because we have to
Until my voice box becomes a weapon of mass destruction
Held hands turned into brick walls
Stopping the walking conscienceless in gas masks
I want to destroy the destructive
I want to bear arms in the name of those with paws
Tear out businessmen's eyes in the name of blind justice
Fight in the name of others because my name is meaningless
Dump and compact the pollution labeled human
Because there's no such thing as flower over-population
And our carrying capacity is a broken hammock
I want more grassy fields, less parking lots
I want more forests, less strip malls
Because free beauty is worth more than anything priced
I want more deer and less automobiles
I want more human roadkill, less squirrels
Stop paying cable bills and start paying attention
Because if we don't, we'll all pay the consequences
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International House of Panfake
How does it feel to not feel?
To be a plagiarized script
For a movie that will not get made
But will get constantly used?
Your whole life is a catch phrase
An empty, cliche affirmation
Your opinions are only slogans
Exclaimed, wireless, and whyless
This scene is over
They yell, "Cut!"
And the kids take it literal
This scene is over
Bad acting sells so well
To the identyless and pitiful
Everyone poorly plays their parts
Until they forget their characters
They forget their last names
In a domino effect of faux pas inspiration
Their suburban town is a stage
And they strut to an absent audience
And burst into self-assuring flames
Everything's getting tighter and smaller
Their bodies become a prop
Their smiles become false advertising
Their scarred flesh becomes a canvas
Their homeless hearts become nomadic
Their minds become abandoned buildings
Youth gets stolen by the mannequin revolution...
This scene is over
They yell, "Cut!"
And the kids take it literal
This scene is over
Bad acting se
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Untitled, Who Cares?
Humanity is the enriched uranium in this world
Its reflection in your eyes bombs your pupils
Breathing in feels like your lungs are a forest fire
Walking around the corner is like a Vietnam
People will slit your throat out of boredom
Boys are walking clenched fists
Footballs, sex, and guns are running in their wrists
Girls are all strutting their Pandora's boxes
And we think we're the only keys that have opened them
Banks are financial bear traps snapping your shins
Capturing your attention with scented credit cards
Public property used as props in propaganda
Pissing off the population with preprocessed problems
A flag used as gauze to aid a dying dream
America died in its sleep
Having and keeping friends is like juggling knives
Social anxiety is my body's yearning to survive
I could be a sycophant, too, if people had something to offer
I'm a professional novelty; LSD for the individuals in training
I've tried to hold other peoples' hands
But they always twist it around into a half nel
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United States
Current Residence: Schenectady, New York (the scummiest place on the planet).
Favourite genre of music: 8-bit, Industrial, pop punk, anything with keyboards, and anything unclassifiable.
Personal Quote: "Fuck this life."


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