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I have just spent several very enjoyable hours down the shed and 'stuff' is progressing very well indeed. I would like to say at this point that metallic champagne paint is absolutely gorgeous, and my experimental resin castings may not have been quite the waste of time I originally thought they were.


I have been working on my website, and have got it looking close to how I wanted it. Still a few tweaks, I am not happy with the photo album, and I need to add a heap of content and reload the header image, but I at least have it to the point that I can send people to it now without cringing. I have also been adding a few things to the art section of my Zazzle store.

But tonight, I went down to the shed and just tried some stuff. And some of it worked very well indeed. Some has sparked off some new ideas, and a couple of things didn't really work. Gessoing over a box with a plastic-y film was pointless, as it just flakes off when you scratch at it. I was pretty sure it would, but hey, sometimes you just have to try things, and occasionally they surprise you. Not however in this case.

And the gold paint didn't work very well on the raw wood of the desk hole bit. I am a bit conflicted over using one to elevate Qween, as it spoils the lines and obscures the skirt ring a bit, but without it, it is a bit small. And it is looking like the resistors might get used as horizontal joiners rather that forming the vertical strips, I don't think there is room for them to go that way. So I am letting that stew for a bit.

However the resin hearts came up very well. I had used a variety of shells and some blue pigment in differing configurations to see what I could come up with. They are not particularly novel, but a few will look okay finished I think. I may still find a way to make them unique, but for now I had decided to paint the backs to see if it would improve them, and I dithered around a bit with a few of them, having trouble deciding between black and gold. In the end, most of them went one or the other, but one (filled with tiny purple spiral shells) just needed a lighter background. So I tried a bit of 'metallic champagne' folk art acrylic on it, and it looks great. I then tried it on the back of one I did in a plastic drink bottle cap, filled with melted straw bits and glitter. Again I was quite pleased with the effect. And so I dabbed a bit onto another piece, this one made from a dark seed pod, and it added a lovely shimmery look to it.

I also gessoed a couple of cardboard rings from rolls of tape, and will have a play with them soon.

I will try and add some photos tomorrow.
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