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Teacher's Morning Ritual

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OMG DIANA DREW ADULT!SEVERUS!!! O.0 The world must be coming to a premature end!!! D:

I think I was watching Dangerous Minds when this popped into my mind. Michelle Pfeiffer says something like "Alright you little fuckers!" when she's getting dressed to go teach a bunch of unruly inner city problem students. I'm certain Severus says something to the degree every morning as he's getting dressed.

As for some of the stuff in the background; I stand by my previous assumption -- until Rowling states otherwise -- that Severus Snape was raised Catholic, and possibly deepens his faith in secret after Lily's death/his defection from the Death Eaters... as Lisa Simpson has stated: "Prayer: the last refuge of the scoundrel." hence the Rosary hanging on the two frames and the crucifix in the background. Also, whenever I draw him with his chest exposed, he will be wearing that Irish-style crucifix around his neck. Just my thoughts. Disagree if you wish. But hell, if McGonnagall is Presbyterian (says so in Pottermore! She's the daughter of a minister), why can't Snape be Catholic!? His mother has an Irish name, for God's sake! :P

Happy Halloween, everybody! :D

*JK Rowling owns this guy and the girl he totally jocks.
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To add to the Catholic idea, my eyes could be lying but I've watching HBP a million times and I *swear* there's a big cross in the sitting room of Spinner's End. Bellatrix is sort of standing by it, but I think it's a cross.
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I think Rowling is about to drop this bomb. There are just too many subtle hints pointing at it. Again, maybe it's just me...
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She already tore my heart in two and pissed me off, but I'm curious to see what she has to say.
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yes, someone who shares my Catholic!Snape idea. ;)
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o////////o wtf n///////n
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Hilarious picture. I tend to agree that Snape could very well have a Catholic world view. He has a ferocious, unrelenting conscience and the entire second half of his life was geared towards some sort of atonement. His teaching style is indeed Jesuitical. He seems to believe he deserves to suffer for his sins. I doubt he's been to Mass since he was a child and may consider himself an unbeliever at this point, but that world view isn't something you can get rid of easily. Looking at your picture, I bet that cross was his mother's (or grandmother's) and that Eileen may have used the Church as her excuse for staying in an abusive marriage. I think Eileen is long dead, he remembers her with pain and guilt and confusion, and there are probably some other photos of her tucked away in that room out of view. Rowling is Christian and there are strong Christian overtones, especially in her final book, so I wouldn't rule out that she might have intended for people to look at Snape in this way either.
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I think it's really interesting how there are Christians that Harry Potter is evil because of witchcraft but the author is Christian (other classic fantasies are written by Christian authors as well, both Lord of Rings and Chronicles of Narnia for example.) Snape's whole drive in the series is about struggling to find redemption and being haunted by guilt and grief, he's such a tragic character and it's so heart-breaking he never had a happy ending. He's also very strict with his students but not cruel, I have a theory that he was so strict (and seemly unfair) with Harry, Ron, and Hermione because he knew what they'd go through in the future and prepare them for it. Since they didn't know about his past, their future or much of anything for that matter (blame that on Dumbledore, he never tells those poor kids anything until it's too late) they thought he did it because he hated them and didn't understand the meaning behind it or that he had great difficulty showing love and affection towards anyone (even Lilly.) I think he actually loved Harry but he didn't know how to show it and he his job was to be strict with him and his friends (even if they hated him.) I wish Harry could've brought some love and happiness into Snape's life.
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OMG that is exactly how I see it! :O

thank you! :glomp:
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Catholic!Snape, think that is just the best ever. Makes me smile so much! :D
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Awesome :D
I like especially the "ashes of problem students" xDD
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LOVE this. Great pic. Funny, I was thinking the other day "That man really needs to make a good confession and get rid of some of that obsessive guilt"! Of course it can't be easy for an accomplished occlumens to bare his soul to that extent so one can see why he'd rather remain lapsed... but there's Blessed Bartolo Longo as a patron saint (not a dark magician, but a Satanist priest in his past life - close as it gets probably)... :D
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Thank you!!! Yes, Severus can certainly use a good confession!

I've been working long-time on a short comic involving him at one.
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I'm curious why you think he's Catholic.

I don't agree or disagree, I just like to analyze things, and I'd be interested in hearing your reasoning :)
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Personal experience, really.

#1. He's from Northern England, which has a HUGE Catholic population

#2. His teaching style is very Jesuit-ish

#3. The whole forgiveness/reconciliation/redemption philosophy behind his character

#4. While he may probably never go to mass, Catholicism is like the Mafia (or the Death Eaters, maybe?): once you're baptised, there's really no exit. Even if your faith in a supreme being and Catholic dogma is completely non-existent, the cultural aspects of Catholicism will never go away with the individual. While he may never participate as an active member of the Catholic community, I think he may still hold on to a deep-rooted faith, especially after his whole "I wish I were dead" schpiel. Faith is what keeps us going. And given the amount of guts that it takes to do what he did even until death, I truly believe that faith and devotion were the root of his actions.

There are a few more reasons, but those are the top ones.
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Cool. Interesting points :)
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The Catholicism stuff or the shrine? ;P

Thanks! :)
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the idea of SS psyching (sp?) himself up before another long day at Hogwarts - plus the image of him not even a stitch on - HAWT!
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I love the "ashes of problem students" in the background, that just made me laugh! So funny! :lmao:
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