Gratis Comic Tag 2017 (Event)

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Gratis-comic-tag-ameoname by ameoname

Schaut vorbei am 13. Mai im Comic Planet in Münster! Ich und RAVEN KING werden dort sein (°v°) Zeichnen, reden, Kuchen essen und Comics & Manga lesen *lock*
Natürlich werde ich auch einige Ausgaben von RAVEN KING zum Verkauf + signieren mithaben 😎

Eintritt: Frei! | 10:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Start reading RAVEN KING the webcomic now: Official Website, Tapastic, Tumblr.

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schön, hab viel spaß!
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'nen spassigen & erfolgreichen comic-tag wünsche ich :D
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ich muss mich erstmal dran gewöhnen, dass du deutsch schreibst XD und ich muss mir natürlich ein schwietzer Akzent vorstellen :p
ach ja, und danke XD
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:nuu:  please - DON'T. :cries: - i mean, expect me to write in german, lol. as i just said to another buddy here, meanwhile i use english so much, and 3 yrs ago i moved back to the frenchy part, german has become totally weird to write, unfamiliar. as to the accent.. hahaha, i was born in the french speaking part, so my schwytzerdütsch accent suxx big time :laughing:
i just wrote in german since your OP was ^^
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nooooo I imagined you speaking like Dodo in the song Hippie-Bus (my Sunday song these days XD)
I think it's schwytzerdütsch (now I know how to spell it correctly, thanks ;))
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omfgg worst video ever XDDD - ok, i'm a dubstep/electro-head, ragga is reaaaally not mah thing XD. but yeah, the guy is swiss and it's schwytzerdütsch. but obviously his accent is africanized or whatever.. ^^
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oh I like electro very much as well ^ö^ but also Hippie-Bus XDDD
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lmao.. i could stand like, 10 seconds of the vid... half of it fast forwarding XDDD
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