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🇩🇪 Band 2 von RAVEN KING ist ab sofort verfügbar zum Kauf!
You can buy the German print version AS OF TODAY! There’s no English print version for now 😢 BUT it is planned 😃 In case you want a German issue but have questions on how to order one (the buyer’s info page is in German only but I have some readers who like to have the German edition and compare it to the English webcomic in order to learn German and such) please contact me, ok ♥
Gratis-comic-tag-ameoname by ameoname

Schaut vorbei am 13. Mai im Comic Planet in Münster! Ich und RAVEN KING werden dort sein (°v°) Zeichnen, reden, Kuchen essen und Comics & Manga lesen *lock*
Natürlich werde ich auch einige Ausgaben von RAVEN KING zum Verkauf + signieren mithaben 😎

Eintritt: Frei! | 10:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Start reading RAVEN KING the webcomic now: Official Website, Tapastic, Tumblr.

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specialWeekAnnouncement by ameoname

Start Reading logoMain by ameoname on: RAVEN KING Official, Tapastic, Tumblr and buckle up for next week (°v°)
Also you're welcome to spread the word so more people can start reading the comic ♥

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UPDATE: The Newsletter has been sent. You can still subscribe for future Newsletters though.

The international RAVEN KING newsletter is going out on Tuesday (January 3rd 2017)! You can still subscribe and get on the list:…

Why a newsletter? Because you get all important infos early in one email and I don't have to rely on some social media algorithms for you getting it.

Plus who knows when FB / twitter / Tapastic etc. will change something the next time that might harm communication (like when Patreon decided to cancel all 18+ accounts over night because PayPal bitched around and don't get me started on Facebook and their daily policy changes).

That's really all there is -__-

Of course I'll keep posting infos on social media as well, but chunked up over time :) The newsletter is just a handy option for you and me ^_^


Key topics of the upcoming newsletter:

- Plans for the English printed version of RAVEN KING

- How will the webcomic posting schedule continue

- When to expect mature content


Oh, and I feel like 2017 is going to bring a lot of new challenges for us, but at the same time I feel a deep excitement to see how we will grow facing those challenges! The ravens are on our side!!! KRARRRR!!!

See you on the other side!


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Awkward Llama Turn Emoticon Oh hi there!

Hope you're all doing fine! I wanted to inform you that, after a lot of hard work, I finally started posting the RAVEN KING Webcomic in English Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)  You can start reading here

Every Monday I'll add a new page. Oh, and if you prefer you can read RAVEN KING on Tapastic as well. I'm really excited to see how you like it! And I know YOU WILL START READING  Uhm...? RIGHT NOW Uhm...?

By the way, IF you encounter any problems with the RAVEN KING webpage, please be so kind to inform me, so I can fix it. It's my first webcomic page, so mistakes can happen (V.V)

Patrick (Sexy Love)Here's a little bit of love for you before I goPatrick (Sexy Love)

C ya Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]

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Yoni and the ravens (READ WEBCOMIC) by ameoname RAVEN KING Cover (german) by ameoname

The book-fair in Leipzig is over and volume one of RAVEN KING hit it off pretty good :) The experiences I gathered and all the cool people I talked to really fired me up to finish volume 2 as quickly as possible!
The second volume is going to be a crucial part of the story and I'm taking a little bit more time to work out the plot / script. Three new important characters are going to be introduced and I need to refine their final design too. And a lot of new settings... Well, to put it in a nutshell, it's a lot of work I'm Dead
The english translations will have to wait until after the Comic Con in Stuttgart (25-26 June), where I'll have a booth (YAY!). I'll be in Erlangen too, (Comic Salon Erlangen 26-29 May, Münster School of Design booth) and in Dortmund (German Comic Con Dortmund in December) by the way :) And let me tell you, I can't wait to get to those conventions!!! I just love talking with people about comics, art and stuff GIF Gravity Falls - Cute!

Well that's it for now. I hope I'll see some of you on one of the cons :heart: Or on the net when I post some RAVEN KING ;)

real slice  see ya!
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Support me an 99 other amazing artists on 3d Total's Kickstarter campaign "100 Hours: The ultimate video training resource for artists"! I'll be doing a storytelling tutorial with the magnificent Lisa "Hepho" Henke. Every contribution counts so let's bring this project to life!

Arrow left  Here's the link to the campaign! Arrow right
... where have you been all my life? :D

For the last few months the universe has been pointing me towards this bizarre world. First I saw these ultra cool figures at the Leipziger Book Fair. They were these colorfull guys posing totally over-the-top! I went by the showcase every day to admire them :)
Then I found this one cool artist at pixiv and she had fanart of the characters. Though I first thought the one dude (Jotaro Kujo?) was the protagonist from "Fist from the North Star" :D And THEN I saw a painting of a character called Kars and I got really curious... Hehehe
So today I found out there's a psychodelic, manga style fighting game with the characters and I mean, come on............ I HAVE TO HAVE IT! :iconyeahplz:

BUT, I'm not sure where to start getting infos on the story. There are mangas, animes and other games. I feel a little bit overwhelmed :/ WHERE TO START? *sigh*
Well, I'll ease on it with the game (°^o^° )
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Everyone's talking about Kuroshitsuji and I was like "Naaah, can't be that good..." and now I watched a few episodes in order to widen my overall can probably guess what happened..........
akuma de, shitsuji desu kara!:iconsebastianplz:
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