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RAVEN KING Vol2 Cover (clear)


RAVEN KING Volume 2 Cover (clear version = no text).

Yoni, the Raven King is coming for you!!! KRAKRAKRA!

Start reading RAVEN KING the webcomic now: Official Website, Tapastic, Tumblr.

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thiss a good style

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I love your style so much!
I can't find words omg
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°) thank youuuuu!

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So dynamic!! Excellent use of colors. Love it :heart: Great work!
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Every time you upload something new I could cry because it is so beautiful I think I've fainted.

They are both so pretty La la la la
I love how the Raven King appears behind Yoni....So huge and dangerous Meow :3
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"pretty" XDDD Yoni can deal with that but THE KING?!?!?!?!
>> Size: There's a reason why it's called "king-size" :D
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*v* so cool!!!!
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:iconkawaiifaceplz: oh thank you!!!
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Run Yoni! Then find a convenient stone or root to trip on!
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XD so you're one of those readers who enjoy seeing Yoni fail! Ok, I did make him a little bit uuuuhhhm unheroic? :D 
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Yes, but that's not what I meant :)

What I meant was that he would run for a little bit, then let the Raven King catch him :P
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XDDD ok that's a cute idea ♥ Well, let's see how they'll meet XD
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