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Place for your ideas

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2016, 2:55 PM
Hi all.

Since I do not accept requests now. You can use this journal for them (Of course you can always order a commission)

:bulletblue:I accept request, only from this Journal:bulletblue:  

In comments to this Journal, You can post your ideas and wishes for pictures that would like to see.
Of course I can not take all your ideas. But who knows maybe I just choose your

I made changes in the rules and :bulletblue:
Choose an idea for a picture to be random, using the program for random choice:bulletblue:.  I think so will be fair,
equal chance for everyone

Mature Content

Naruto Anbu girls - Kushina and Mikoto by Amenoosa

Mature Content

Naruto x Samui - Tell me the truth by Amenoosa
 3 Wordgirl by Amenoosa 4 Naruto x Yang by Amenoosa 5 Menma x Orihime - dance by Amenoosa6

Mature Content

NaruHina - Time to start Boruto's story by Amenoosa
7 Can we meet closer? by Amenoosa8 Goku x Sakura by Amenoosa
1. Тhe first picture, created the idea of this Journal  I used:  fantasyrebirth96  - "Kusinina and Sasuke's Mother (i forgot her name lol) dressed up as Konoichis pretty much decked out in muni knives katanas and their cleavage showing out (or dressed up as sexy Anbu) (and Saskue mommy has the sharingan)"
2. Т
he second picturecreated the idea of this Journal I used:  ToaNaruto  - AU KUMO INTERROGATION SCENE: Instead of Karui and Omoi, it's Samui that's interrogating Naruto for information regarding Sasuke Uchiha. As opposed to Karui's more aggressive methods, Samui decides to employ more se
Тhe third picture, created the idea of this Journal  I used: multificionado - "Wordgirl. For armor designs and whatnot, please reference the "Wordgirl" section of my gallery"
I used: Path-Of-NoEnd  - A Naruto x Yang from RWBY piece, where they're just enjoying the stars at night in their Beacon uniform.
I used: R-Legend - Menma (Naruto: Road To Ninja) with Orihime (Bleach) in a sexy dance pose 
6. I used:  TobiSenpai01  Naruto and Hinata in house. Electricity went off, so Naruto gets out of bathroom with just a towel around his waist and Hinata also gets out of bedroom which is next to bathroom, she is in a singlet and a short
7. I used: KiruAriesAjisaiManga Hi , Is it possible the request : Obito ( young ) x Ajisai ( alive ) 
8.I used: KitsuneBrown I'm sure Two pages of my favorites are filled with your work. If you're still taking ideas, I was hoping if you could draw a wedding picture of Son Gohan (From Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z) And Sakura Haruno (From Naruto).

Some rules and requests

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 10, 2014, 2:25 AM
Here is a list of things that I do not draw:

scenes of violence
sex scenes  (except for mild sensuality)
scenes with a lot of blood
Fetish (it's just not mine)

If you want to ask me something, please do it in the NOTES, not in comments