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Commission: Kemuri by Amenoosa Commission: Kemuri by Amenoosa
Commission for :icongeneraldodders:


Kemuri grows a special brand of tobacco that is fed chakra to grant him special power. He has the ability to merge the tar residue in his body from smoking this tobacco with his genetic code to turn his entire body into a tar-like substance. In this form, he can shapeshift his body according to his will so as to make him invulnerable to physical damage. He can change his limbs into a whole variety of weapons such as swords, hammers, maces, and shields. He can also grow multiple limbs out of his body to serve his needs. His malleable form enables him to stretch his limbs to great lengths. He can also unleash barrages of tar at his targets so as to trap them where they stand.

When Kemuri is in his tar form, his chakra enhances the toxic qualities of the tobacco tar to turn it into a deadly poison. When his tar weapons pierce someone's skin, the toxic chemicals spread through the victims body. Kemuri is also able to exhale a cloud of tobacco ash from his mouth for his enemies to inhale.

Kemuri was a former ninja that eventually turned to a life of crime. He became the leader of a crime syndicate that deals drugs and other illegal goods. He would often experiment to create new kinds of drugs for his customers as well as drugs to increase his own powers. He would then use his skills as a shinobi to kill his competitors and take over their operations.

His connections in the criminal underground drew the interests of the Shadow Village who were interested in using his influence for their own benefits. Originally Kemuri refused as his organization was not into mercenary work. However, the Shadow Village used a combination of bribery and force to convince him otherwise.

Art done by Amenoosa
Commissioned art own by GeneralDodders
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August 29, 2018
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