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Ок, my name is Vitaly, I'm from Ukraine.
So, I like art, is an important part of my life. I have no artistic education or something like that, but I love to draw, and do it as often as I can. I created this page so I think that my art like you, and I hope you like my art work.

All about commission and request

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 12, 2018, 2:54 AM
Bullet; Red Bullet; RedFirst of all, to the commission Bullet; Red Bullet; Red

Price list (USD):  
PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowersHalfbody: one character with a background $12.00 and + $8.00 for each next character

Commission: New style by Amenoosa  Commission: Naruko x Sasuke - night just begins by Amenoosa Commission: Dad lesson by Amenoosa
Full body: one character with a background $15.00 and + $10.00 for each next character

For NSFW the price may be different
For pictures of more than 6 characters, the price may be different

Bullet; RedBullet; RedRULESBullet; RedBullet; Red

I work in 3 stages: sketch, lineart, full color

Any other information that you are interested in may know by sending me 
a note

If you're interested just send me a note

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Now, on request, all your ideas you can put here Place for your ideas Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U!

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If you want to see the continuation of the series KONOHA SPECIAL vote here. I will do one new job for every 100 "yes", and leave in the comments who you want to see in the next work, it will be the most more popular 

83 deviants said yes
3 deviants said no


Commission: The Final Lesson
Commission for :icongeneraldodders:

After knocking Obi wan down the shaft during their duel on Naboo, Darth Maul performed another force push to send Obi wan further down the shaft. Obi wan was able to grab a vent in order to survive the encounter. Meanwhile, Maul would escaped Naboo after realizing the droid army was deactivated and the battle was lost. The sith lord then returned to his master to complete his training

Following his election as chancellor, Palpatine recruited Dooku to the Dark Side. Although he already had an apprentice, Palpatine offered Dooku a to be the head of a new order of Dark Jedi that would be established upon the commencement of the Sith's reign of the galaxy. Sidious trained Dooku in the ways of the Dark Side, which he in turn would pass on to the sith's acolytes. As Dooku was not taught any sith secrets, it would not be a violation of the Rule of Two. When the Clone Wars draws near, Dooku served as the leader of the Separatists due to his political influence and capability to lead them.

Believing himself to be the successor of the Sith, Maul sought out an apprentice for himself to aide him in overthrowing his master. Sometime between during the 10 year period before the Clone Wars began, Maul returned to his home planet of Dathomir and requested the aide of Mother Talzin and the nightsisters to find him an apprentice. After inspecting the candidates offered by the Nightbrothers, Maul selected his brother Savage Oppress to be his apprentice and had the Nightsisters transform him into a monster who would be a worthy apprentice. Maul kept Savage on Dathomir under the protection of the Nightsisters so that Sidious would not be able to sense him. Maul trained Savage from a distance, providing him guidance.

As the Clone Wars dragged on, Maul sought to seize power for himself. When the war began, Maul was appointed as Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Army (General Grievous is one of the top commanders under Maul). First he planned to assume control of the Confederacy when he felt Dooku was no longer needed. The laws of the Confederacy of Independent Systems stated that if the head of state becomes incapacitated during a time of emergency, the supreme commander will take his place. Under this scenario, Maul as the supreme commander would become the new head of state if Dooku were to die. To achieve this end, Maul sent his apprentice Savage to Serenno to kill Dooku with the aide of an invisibility spell and the poison dart given by Talzin. With this aides combined with his years of training under both Maul and the Nightsisters, Savage succeeds in killing Dooku. After Dooku was killed, Maul would take over as the new head of state of the Separatists and while pinning Dooku's death on the Jedi, thereby making him a martyr.

After Maul assumed control of the Confederacy, the Clone Wars became an actual war for power between Sidious and Maul. The exchange of secrets between the Republic and the Confederacy as previously done between Palpatine and Dooku came to an end. Palpatine knew he could not simply have Maul killed because he needed the threat of the Separatists to secure his accumulation of power in the Senate; the Separatists would not likely survive long after losing both Dooku and Maul and would be compelled to surrender before Palpatine could declare himself Emperor. Maul used the Separatists' massive droid armies to their full potential and launch a series of campaigns to deal serious damage to the Republic which is what Dooku was trying to avoid.

In order to deal be able to deal with Palpatine, Maul returned to Dathomir and had Talzin and the Nightsisters perform the same ritual as she performed on Savage to increase in own physical capabilities and force potential such that he could rival Sidious. Maul's speed, strength, and power were enhanced to the point where he could match his master's strength.

When the time came, Maul launched a massive assault on Coruscant in order to face Palpatine and bring down the Republic. While the droid army launched a massive attack to distract the Jedi and their forces, Maul uses his Scimitar's cloaking capabilities to slip past the Republic's defenses and go after go after Palpatine. Sensing his apprentice was coming for him, Palpatine waited in his suite in 500 Republica for Maul to face him despite the Jedi and security forces insisting that he take shelter. Maul easily butchered his way through the clones and Jedi in his path to reach Palpatine's suite, where his master was waiting. As the two Sith Lords ignited their red blades, the duel for the future of the galaxy and the final lesson between master and apprentice commenced.

Art done by Amenoosa
Commissioned art own by GeneralDodders
Commission: Ahri x Yasaka
Commission for EG1993

 Ahri (from League of Legends) and Yasaka (from Highschool DxD) 

Art done by Amenoosa
Commissioned art own by EG1993


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