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Free! Haruka - Loved By Water

Are you loved by the water too?

Haruka Nanase from Free! the Swimming Anime~
It took all my self control not to name this picture "water fetish"...congratulate me!



This is where "Costume Notes" usually go... but this time... WHAT COSTUME???
So I'll talk a bit about the shoot.

First of all... please forgive my arm hair. I didn't think to get rid of it... :|

So my friends have joked about it for a while. I decided to make it happen.
I snipped up a pair of leggings and sewed some lines, pinned together a spare wig and off I went. Production cost $0...
We went to shoot at the pool in the Sports and Aquatic Centre where I work...
I don't think I have ever been as conscious about the stares I was getting from bypassers as I was in this shoot... probably because I was half naked... probably because it was a pool and we've got umbrellas and lighting gear set up everywhere... probably because it was MY WORK PLACE... oh god.

This shot in particular was a little embarrasing for me because of the angle and my position in relation to the rest of the pool and its patrons... but I'm glad I stuck with it lol.

In the end these photos turned out quite nice... I mean, they're just of me half naked, and I'm a little self conscious of how I look here, I hope these pictures don't scar anybody's eyes... but this was really fun.

Please enjoy :)
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F**** i decided to be gay after i saw u
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It seems to have been worth the weird stares. Really awesome looking. I like how the light works in this picture. *___*

Haru suits you, so stop slapping yourself over this! :nod:
goyong's avatar
hey i just gotta say your abs is the main reason why i fave it & everything else falls perfectly in place to make this more epic. keep it up. :)
nicoxmel's avatar
What a great photoshop!
Angel434's avatar
i love your cosply 
PortgasDAceEver's avatar
abs (=_=") i'm a perv...

Is it ok to use this photo as close anatomy reference?
MondoArt's avatar
my god... those abs looks good underwater
OtakuGirl14's avatar
da5thmarauder's avatar
ARe these your real eyes??

Holy damn, they're beautiful.

AmenoKitarou's avatar
My eyes are naturally brown. We just changed the colour in the photo.
da5thmarauder's avatar
Oh okay, but wow they were so beautifu. Oh I forgot to add ( no I feel like an ass)

Great cosplay!!!!!!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
aw hahaha Thank you very much :)
da5thmarauder's avatar
:) No problem. Best cosplay I've seen of Haruka. :iconmnrthumbsupplz: 
Wizardbane's avatar
OMG so hot and cute.. :: Nose bleed::
CeryneianHind's avatar
Damn! you got the water fetish down *nosebleedsjustalittle*
AmenoKitarou's avatar
hahaha I just like getting... moist...

I'm so sorry.
CeryneianHind's avatar
hahahaha omg stop ittttt~~! <3
Too perfect!
ninjanerd132's avatar
i should be dead from blood loss!!! this is just... wow *nose bleed*
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Haha please do not die. I have no insurance.
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