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Final Fantasy versus XIII Noctis (storm) cosplay at WaiCon Perth 2009

I love crack shots.

It was freakin 37 degrees INDOORS and i was wearoing 6 layers of crap! with no when a stallholder pulled out a fan.....I grovelled at their feet to beg for a turn at the fan!

it was orgasmic.


Noctis - :iconamenokitarou: (me)

Photo snapped by :iconvelithya:

and here are some REAL shots:


The FFvXIII collection: (includes the old and new costume)

Noctis Lucis Caelum: [link]
Nocturne Hour: [link]
Crystal Fantasia: [link]
Strike at Fate: [link]
Storm: [link]
Crystallis Guard: [link]
Mission START: [link]
Finishing Blow: [link]
Hostile Entry: [link]
ID: [link]
Advance Weaponry: [link]

Noctis and Stella
Destined Encounter: [link]
Noctis and Stella: [link]
Sonata d'Amore Vietato: [link]
Ripples of Fate: [link]

Crack Shot collection:
Decisive Strike!!:[link]
Fanservice~: [link]
Love Story: [link]
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Yes Noctis at wai con!!!!!!!!
JemKadetchy's avatar
Hottest fan service ever.
Hergman's avatar
anyway, 37 is enormous.
ive never seen a temperature like this were i live.

though i have lived through a temperature of -40 no problem but that was decades ago.
nowadays, there aren't even any regular minus 30 anymore
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PRFan's avatar
Hahaha, fan service. :iconhurrhurrplz:
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Vergiil's avatar
Just 37? PFFFFFFF! Be a man, man!
Joking apart...
6 layers of cloth at 37 degrees?? Wholly Sheez!!!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
yeh lol.... i didn't know how to dew properly back then...

....probably still don't :XD:
Pixakat's avatar
Hahaha!! Looks like you'll be taking a fan with you next time huh?
AmenoKitarou's avatar
hahahaha probably
Windrose1013's avatar
37 degrees celcius?
Windrose1013's avatar
XDFrigglesXD's avatar
omg i went to wai-con 2011, it was way worse, i cosplayed as cissnei from ff crisis core. I wore a suit, and even then i felt like i was gonna die lol backstage for the cosplay comp it was sooooo hot lol and when i was waiting outside to go and watch spike spencer on sunday, i felt like i was gonna pass out haha it was so crowded aswell lol
AmenoKitarou's avatar
.....I was there at Waicon 2011.
I thought it was heaps better than 2009.
XDFrigglesXD's avatar
omg you were? awesome! did you cosplay? :D
AmenoKitarou's avatar
yes lol.... I was Snow on the first day with the bike, and second day I was Siegfried from Soul Calibur 3.
XDFrigglesXD's avatar
OMG you were totally awesome! i loved the Siegfried one it was so awesome ^___^, it was my first con and first cosplay, cissnei was the easiest one for me lol
AmenoKitarou's avatar
XDFrigglesXD's avatar
okami-chan1023's avatar
oh god I know how that feels! I had to wear my Mini Garden Luka dress and for being a sleeveless dress, it was still BURNING in that thing! I was so glad a dealer pulled out a fan for me!
hayashinomura's avatar
It's a real FAN SERVICE :rofl:
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