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FFvXIII - Strike at Fate

If fate wishes to tear me apart,
then I will cut fate down with my blade.

Final Fantasy versus XIII, Noctis Lucis Caelum (storm) cosplay.

Deviation dedicated to :iconalysael: who requested more Noctis as one of her kiriban prizes ^^

Noctis + post processing - :iconamenokitarou:
Photo taken by :iconbeethy:

I swear to maccas that this is THE LAST Noctis shoot I will ever have....


....until the game comes out and :iconmiyukiko: makes her sword.... :D :D :D :D

This character has really grown onto me and I've just gotten so fond of this costume and the wig and weapon and everything about I'm actually interested to play the game....ah the power of a costume...

Useful information:

The Shot: god I got so freaking wet....the water was like knee high and it was creeping towards the night so it was freeezing.....
we had to take so many shots to get the splashes we wanted. And tourists kept walking past and taking pictures of me!

Costume:This is Noctis' default battle costume~ My costume took me a totally of 2 nights to make, with really soft pleather as a base, and stiffer vinyl for the flamey pattern things.

Pouches: also made by me, with stiff matte vinyl/plastic fabric. pattern was cut freehand since I was in a hurry and impatient...

Wig This is different from previous Noctis wig I had in January. This time round, I bought a matte white wig from a local store and hand coloured it into silvery grey colour with graphite sticks. Completed in 5 hours.

I absolutely ADORE this changes colour depending on what light I'm in....just like Noct's hair does in various trailers *____*

Hope you guys like ^^


The FFvXIII collection:

Noctis Lucis Caelum: [link]
Nocturne Hour: [link]
Crystal Fantasia: [link]
Strike at Fate: [link]
Final Resolution: [link]
Storm: [link]
Crystallis Guard: [link]
Mission START: [link]
Finishing Blow: [link]
Advance Weaponry: [link]

Noctis and Stella
Destined Encounter: [link]
Noctis and Stella: [link]
Sonata d'Amore Vietata: [link]
Ripples of Fate: [link]

Crack Shot collection:
Decisive Strike!!:[link]
Fanservice~: [link]
Love Story: [link]

Hope you enjoy!
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Amaryaa's avatar
Can I get the sword? :D just kidding :) great cosplay
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Maxpaynegk's avatar
Wow man this is great, most epic cosplay right here :D
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thanks so much ^^ I'm very flattered ^^
Maxpaynegk's avatar
Your most certainly welcome sir, great things like this need to be acknowledged.
quesokage's avatar
man! the fact that you actually shot with a cosplay in WATER is beyond me :O so much that could go wrong or damage the outfit yet you pulled it off beautifully!!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
haha! I do make sure my costumes are quite durable and it paid off here.

Thanks so much ^^
Zamison's avatar
I really like the water shots. They are very pretty looking!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thank you very much :)
They are very pretty yes hahaha i love taking shots in the water~
Christ1nMe's avatar
Wow, nice pose! It shows a lot of emotion.
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Christ1nMe's avatar
Your welcome! =3
bickywerewolf-su's avatar
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
Yuki-Moon's avatar
this looks like epic fun but it must-a been stone cold >.<
AmenoKitarou's avatar
hahaha it was quite cold but felt nice ^^
Kira1888's avatar
Fate : ouchies ...

stunning pose ;D
Kira1888's avatar
your welcome ^_^
Kenshiro-FDP's avatar
Excellent photo and angle.
AmenoKitarou's avatar
AmyLeeYummy's avatar
*shocked for words*
krsshgaia's avatar
I love this. I always wanted to cosplay noctis...
damn, tourists were taking pictures of you? HAHA :D be flattered.
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