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FFvXIII - Noctis and Stella

Romeo and Juliet

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Noctis Lucis Caelum (Storm) and Stella Nox Fleuret cosplay

It's here guys...the FFvXIII flood continues...

Stella Nox Fleuret- :iconmiyukiko:
Noctis - :iconamenokitarou:

Photography and editing by the two of us~
colour manipulation by me~

*I didnt touch my face this time! zomfg it still looks like weird! X_X I think my face is just naturally weird X_X jumps into in a fire*

The shoot around sydney: :iconmiyukiko: and I explored across the Sydney CBD, in both our battle outfits and night outfits during the day AND the evening, stopping at every possible location for the shots that we had in mind.
In THIS shot, we tried to portray the differences between Noctis' world and Stella's world...

Costumes:This is their default battle costumes~ My costume took me a totally of 2 nights to make, with really soft pleather as a base, and stiffer vinyl for the flamey pattern things.

Wig This is different from previous Noctis wig I had in January. This time round, I bought a matte white wig from a local store and hand coloured it into silvery grey colour with graphite sticks. Completed in 5 hours.

I absolutely ADORE this changes colour depending on what light I'm in....just like Noct's hair does in various trailers *____*

Enjoy :)


The FFvXIII collection: (includes the old and new costume)

Noctis Lucis Caelum: [link]
Nocturne Hour: [link]
Crystal Fantasia: [link]
Strike at Fate: [link]
Final Resolution: [link]
Storm: [link]
Crystallis Guard: [link]
Mission START: [link]
Finishing Blow: [link]
Advance Weaponry: [link]

Noctis and Stella
Destined Encounter: [link]
Noctis and Stella: [link]
Sonata d'Amore Vietata: [link]
Ripples of Fate: [link]

Crack Shot collection:
Decisive Strike!!:[link]
Fanservice~: [link]
Love Story: [link]

Hope you enjoy!
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Arche150's avatar
Such a shame Stella is no longer a character in the game.
Maxpaynegk's avatar
Ahh cool like it, XP i feel quite crazy for asking that last question it seems you are wearing the contacts, well there may be other hair changes in the game and other eye colors
AmenoKitarou's avatar
yehhhhhh! When I did this a few years ago, there was only this eye colour and this hair style that was shown of him.
Maxpaynegk's avatar
Hope there are more cool looks for him! i like colors so i will be excited to see the different eye colors if any
Player-2's avatar
what pattern did you use to make this?
AmenoKitarou's avatar
I didn't use any pattern. I can make clothing without patterns.
TheShadedPath's avatar
Good work to both of you
AmenoKitarou's avatar
wildquaker's avatar
Great shot! The way that the colors of both pictures contradicts the other, which makes the composition.
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
I wanted to contradict them to make the Romeo and Juliet feel that the game trailers seem to be implying.
I'm glad it worked out :)
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Christ1nMe's avatar
Your welcome! =3
aly-in-wonderland's avatar
Such a lovely shot :heart:
*Miyukiko is so cute<3
And you look very cool as Noctis 8D
Very smexy cosplays :3
AmenoKitarou's avatar
thank youuuuu ^^
Busugal's avatar
This photo would have to be my favorite... btw there is nothing wrong with you face at all... in fact you have a very lovely face hee hee very smexy both of you.
AmenoKitarou's avatar
awwwww thank you hahaha! I dont know....somehow I just think my face looks a bit weird! XD

But thanks! it's one of my favorites too!
Yamane's avatar
Adorable <33 I like this the best~
AmenoKitarou's avatar
daw thank you!
I guess this one DOES look the most like the game graphics haha!
Kityuubi's avatar
Wow the contrasting in this pic is sooo nice!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
awww thank you!!! that was exactly what I wanted to achieve <3333
I originally planned to filter them both blue, seeing how blue everything is in FFv13 trailers...but I thought of the romeo and juliet quote that they have at the beginning of the trailers and I thought, hmmmm may it'll work even better if I contrasted them, and picture how different the two of their worlds are and how they come together despite their differences.....etc the lame and sappy....but i'm glad it worked!
Kityuubi's avatar
Its really well done! And the fact that FFXII seems like a really dark type of game, it suits well ^^
AmenoKitarou's avatar
aw thank you <3

I have a feeling that it's a Romeo and Juliet themed story.....with all the shapespeare quotes everywhere...
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