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FFvXIII - Finishing Blow

Noctis Lucis Caelum Cosplay (again)
these are shot taken outside SMASH~ I have finally gotten my hands on some shots~

Noctis - :iconamenokitarou:
Photo taken by Darius

The main feature of this photo is really...the sword~
I realised I didn't have many photos featuring the sword with me in the photo.

oh yes...a note on the weapon:
click for full view and see that the third engine knob thingy does indeed exist (bottom right corner). It's just burned out by the lighting effect~

thanks guys! enjoy!

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Hope you enjoy!
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you are by far the BEST cosplayer i've seen!!!!!!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
aww thanks for that. i'm very flattered!
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the sword is amaziiiing ... and... yeah i noticed the doorknob! you give it an hard time XD amaznig cosplay and skills
AmenoKitarou's avatar
hahahah!!!! thank you very much ^^
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thanks very much ^^
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How did you get that sword and if you made it how did you make it?
AmenoKitarou's avatar
I made it myself~
I described the process briefly in the comments in this picture. Hope it helps :)
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Thanks I noticed that after I added it. XD

And with that I will probably take the Basis of what you did and try to make something new out of it.
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X-VelvetRainDrops-X's avatar
wooo, so smexy, well done lovely ^_^
love the sword, so much talent
AmenoKitarou's avatar
thank you sooo much <33333
Im so proud of this sword myself!
boco903's avatar
NOCTIS! :heart:

That sword is epic dude
AmenoKitarou's avatar
thank you XD
Im so proud of this sword myself!
I love lugging it around the city in my huge sotrage box XD
thewordlesssignature's avatar
That sword is awesome!!!! 8D

AmenoKitarou's avatar
thanks so much ^^ im glad you like it ^^
AmenoKitarou's avatar
oooooh! looking good~!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
awmagoawd!!!! im so impressed! i cant wait to see it finished!
KarmacraneMindchilds's avatar
i'm sorry i haven't worked on it these past few days T_T
uni work has been due i will get back to it though
AmenoKitarou's avatar
thats ok!!!! take your timeeee!!! XD
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