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FFvXIII - Final Resolution

Final Fantasy versus XIII, Noctis Lucis Caelum (Storm Cosplay)

I'm so sorry guys...This REALLY IS the last shot of Noctis for now. Just saw :iconbeethy: put this last one up....
I absolutely loved the editing and framing he's done here.

This photo looks almost cinematic...*jaws drop*, hence my choice of bordering.

Noctis + edit - :iconamenokitarou:
Photo + BEAUTIFUL editing - :iconbeethy:

Useful information:

The Shot: This is one of my favorite shots of the day!
The slave flash really made the sword go SCHWING.....

This shot somehow looks like a brochure for a tourist attraction...."come visit Sydney...Noctis is waiting..."

In fact....there were quite a few tourists who turned up at the church in their little mini bus, then started taking pictures of me instead of the church.....OTL roflol.

Costume: My previous costume wasn't correct to my size and I wasn't completely happy weith the material, so I decided to remake this from scratch.
The base material is soft pleather. The wavy flame pattern is black matte vinyl sewn on and then secured by liquid super glue. (lol superglue) Completed in 2 days. *faints*

Pouches: the pouches I had previously were floppy and fail. This time I used the matte balck plastic fabric for the pouches and attached them with buckles and belt. Completed in 2 hours.

Weapon: this is the same weapon as before. Made from pine wood as a base, with modelling clay DAS for some details and carving, toilet pipes, drink bottles, Go pieces.... etc. Completed in 10 days.

Wig: again, different from previous. This time round, I bought a matte white wig from a local store and hand coloured it into silvery grey colour with graphite sticks. Completed in 5 hours.
I absolutely ADORE this changes colour depending on what light I'm in....just like Noct's hair does in various trailers *____*

In the end, this remake turned out nearly perfect to the image in my head and I'm so proud of the work that I did in a mere two days. It really feels like I've levelled up since the beginning of this year. *tear drops*

Hope my little spew on the costume parts helped anyone who is interested in making Noctis for themselves too!

Hope you guys like it^^


The FFvXIII collection: (includes the old and new costume)

Noctis Lucis Caelum: [link]
Nocturne Hour: [link]
Crystal Fantasia: [link]
Strike at Fate: [link]
Final Resolution: [link]
Storm: [link]
Crystallis Guard: [link]
Mission START: [link]
Finishing Blow: [link]
Advance Weaponry: [link]

Noctis and Stella
Destined Encounter: [link]
Noctis and Stella: [link]
Sonata d'Amore Vietata: [link]
Ripples of Fate: [link]

Crack Shot collection:
Decisive Strike!!:[link]
Fanservice~: [link]
Love Story: [link]

Hope you enjoy!
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See you in Final Fantasy XV.
fruitsbasket1357's avatar
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this is so cool!!~:3
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thanks so much! This was fun to shoot!
MizukiChan00's avatar
you are welcome!!~:)
heehee...I bet it was!~:)
Maxpaynegk's avatar
This is sweet, you look cool, and i can't wait for this game to be released
AmenoKitarou's avatar
it's only been advertised for....5 years now? lol! keep waiting~
Maxpaynegk's avatar
Yeah i know, i know but next year i know it, it will be released...lets not jinx it ><
MelchiahAlex's avatar
I don't know much about Cosplay or FF v XIII, but I know this much... You are beautiful!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Awww lol I'm so flattered!!
V-Funk's avatar
the sword is AMAZING
i'm going to cosplay him, but i'm not sure if i can make he whole thing
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thanks so much!
The sword isn't too difficult it just needs a few careful drafts.
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One word. Perfection.
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thanks so much! I'm very flattered!
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Oh my... The background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
mmmmyes that location was gorgeous!
SaYuRi20's avatar
yes... exactly
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KUDOS For the Sword it really go SCHWING!
AmenoKitarou's avatar
Thanks so much XDDD
LoubiiLUST's avatar
wow! you pull him off brilliantly! God i need this game! (well, i need to update and get a ps3 first :sigh:)
AmenoKitarou's avatar
THanks so much! I'm so glad to pull him off nicely~!
VictoriaCifer-13's avatar
* speachless * OMG.....

Im gonna faint now.!

this cosplay is so #%$^ awsome! nice job!
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