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This is just a response to Tim, who enjoyed my drawings. I thought it was worth setting it as a journal entry so that visitors to my gallery can better understand what is behind my drawings.

"Thank you so much for your compliment. It is not a common way of drawing, and it has a long  history of its own.  I believe the simplicity of lines has a particular movement that cannot be captured in many other ways. Lines are so flexible; curvy, straight forward, thick, thin, long, short, infinite, finite, parallel, slanted, horizontal, vertical, colorful, colorless, geometrical, chaotic.... They are true building blocks.  They are the bricks of painting.  Perhaps it would be going too far to say that things can be captured more profoundly in their simplicity than in their complexity. Perhaps it would be too far-fetched to say that lines, by reaching some of the essentials,  move us more towards the spiritual condition in us. Of course, I am thinking of Kandinsky here, as always as throughout my whole life. Kandinsky (and in some ways Klee, Miro and Mondrian) have taught me not to fear lines, for lines can --sometimes----  capture one's  imagination much more that pure natural representation. One tends to think that lines reduce. But lines actually make you produce an image that is nowhere to be found in the world. Lines make you activate your seeing and your thinking. For lines ask to be completed by you, the perceiver. At first you do not see it, so you must look closer and engage what seeing cannot. They are deceptive because they seem too childish to hide any depth. But if you can see some depth in them, then ---just maybe---- you really surprise yourself and therefore start to see lines all around you in the world. Of course, I rarely succeed in doing this, but I have tried hard for several years.  

I would truly appreciate it if you told me why you like my drawings and if you selected one of them so that we could begin a conversation about one that you  found interesting. I have written what is behind two of them for a commentator: the first is "Bull woman" and the second is "Rezo" ("Prayer", in Spanish). Maybe by reading those two commentaries we can continue this exciting conversation.  Moreover,  I plan on submitting some paintings which have arisen from just these lines. Drop me a line if you can!"
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