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Ink on paper. (Colombia's internal conflict has displaced hundreds of thousands.) (2001)
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i like this one...i see colours like, browns, coppers, and dark golden yellows...and yet, it reminds me of an inuit person with a big round furry hood on a big coat....funny how that works
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Thank you so much Vanessa for taking a look at my lines. :-) You have made me smile quite a lot at how these few lines activated your imagination in such a way. Omg, now I am seeing what you saw! :-) BUt I see a Colombian Peasant rather than a Canadian Inuit. Muchas gracias. :-)
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your very welcome!
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That very somber mood comes across.... great job! :clap: :D
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Thank you Oceanpeace. :-) If you ever saw a peasant from the Andean region you would see that these few lines somehow portray their plight as faceless citizens in a violent society.
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interesting! very stylized. do you think you will color it someday?
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I have done many colorized drawings which I have not posted. And yet in the years 2001-2002 I did many linear drawings which had no colors at all, but instead were made out of simple lines. They are a group of about 100. I think the options are either to colorize them as I did in my painting "Coupling" which arose out of simple lines, [link] or enlarge them but retaining the value of lines as lines. For the value of lines for me please read my journal entitled "Lines and beauty" [link] . Perhaps it might give you some idea about these linear drawings. Thanks for you question! Hope to see more of your beautiful photos. :-)
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oh color! that would be lovely!
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