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Acrylic and ink on paper.
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wow. thats interesting piece of art... !!
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Thank you so much. By far one of my favorites. Why did you like it?
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i like the contrast, colours are combain together in great way! the shapes are nice - so unreal - they are acting on my imagination :)
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Thank you. You put it so well. :-)
Mamotte's avatar
the pleasure is mine :)
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Abstract art is not my focus so I can only suggest so much. I think the color choices you made are pretty good, they interact well with one another. I think that the top right portion of the piece seems a little heavy. I want there to be another white shape up there to kind of balance the huge white shape on the left. That's about all I have to say.
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Thank you for you commentary. Will try it out! :-)
xxANGeLiCFRuiTCaKExx's avatar
The design on this Andres is just amazing, you certainly have created a beautiful piece of art. I love the flowing movement, concept and the colours are just brilliant and help with the idea of the picture. This I love:butterflytwo:
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Thank you Kim for your beautiful words. It is always a joy to hear them. :-)

This was done quite some time ago (1988!) and it is quite big (80 x 120 cm). I can tell you, if there were a fire and I could only reach out for one painting, it would probably be this one. It has travelled with me to many places. It has seen much of my life.
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i have to agree, does look quite intimate, great use of colour, they work really well together, tis a great piece, you gots skill, i aint any good when it comes to painting, great piece :D
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Thank you so much. I painted this many years ago, but I have such a special love for it. I wanted to share it with you. Thanks for your Forum. Starting to learn how they work. ;-)
devouredex's avatar
cool your welcome, glad to be of help :D
nirvanadancer's avatar
BEAUTIFUL colors and movement
everything is so fluid
the colors are so strong, yet also are so complementary that they seem softer
great great work!
amelo14's avatar
Thank you, wonderful nirvanadancer. I must confess I like this painting more than many others. If there were a huge fire, I would pick this one first. So I am very glad you spotted it and were kind enough to give me some nirvanadancing words for it. I am thinking of fixing the frame a bit. We will see. By the way, LOVE your portraits. And, tell me, how does one dance in nirvana? :-)
nirvanadancer's avatar
tell me, how does one dance in nirvana?

like this

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You are such a great dancer. :D Our Colombian singer Shakira cannot move half as well! :-)
alanByond's avatar
I prefer that minimal curves than the straight & oblic lines from your paintings. It's more personnal, the sense & what it could represents are more open... even if, like you wrote on your journal, you remind me the avant-garde paintings of 1900/1920. Do you still paint today ?
amelo14's avatar
Thank you Alan for your kind words. Thanks for your input and for having read my journal. Yes I do still paint, but I am currently working on my PhD thesis so I have to balance everything out. It is not easy at times. So I am drawing a lot lately. :-)
flappability's avatar
Abstract, abstract, abstract! And the two people who float there, but refuse to show themselves.
Sticky, smooth, metallic creation you've got there! I can pour it in my mug!
amelo14's avatar
Your words have summed up the painting very beautifully. Pour it in your mug and drink it all. :-)
Llelik's avatar
very, very, very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like thi work very much!! D D
really great ! ;)
amelo14's avatar
Thanks so much for your words, specially coming all the way from Latvia! :D
silentglaive's avatar
beautiful piece.. the abstract shapes and warm colors look in harmony and overall is very eyepleasing.
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Thank you so much! This is a large piece I have at home. I must confess it is one of my favorites. Love your macro shots! :-)
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