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A Different Hercules

If our scientific-technological age undermines myth, what myth(s) can sustain us?
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Many a time as a child had I seen the Herc fly over, in remote and unlikely places.
Perhaps not as popular as the origional hero, this demi has popular local myth firmly intact and followers of it's own mythology.
I like the flow of the shot and the composition. Far coner denotes more journies to come, dispite it's aging appearance ... or at least a road left to travel.
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Your interpretation has brought new life to this picture. These words stand out:

"Far coner denotes more journies to come, dispite it's aging appearance ... or at least a road left to travel."

More journies to come, indeed.
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Los hercules son mis aviones favoritos

Porque representan apoyo ....son los que se utilizan para llevar y traer viveres y auxilio (al menos en nuestro pais...)

quizas son acarreadores de esperanza y en cierta forma de la solidaridad de los hombres...(que aun existe)
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Me parece que tus palabras hacen gran justicia al valor del Hercules. En tiempos de crisis son los primeros que aparecen.
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Myth? Here's one:

"Road construction WILL be completed before December."

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That is a good one, Tim. :D Enjoyed your plane photos a lot. :-)
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Thank you my friend.....I'm am certainly enjoying your gallery......The comments as much as the photos!
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A Herky-bird! There are myths aplenty about that aircraft, one of the greats. There is a romance in the appurtenences of war, of any era. Not for everyone, to be sure, but definitely there and not to be rejected without an effort of will.
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I totally agree with you. Specially in the case of the USA, other countries tend to easily dismiss the burden it carries as a superpower. Love the discusison of issues pertaining to war; my Colombia is war-torn and turning a blind eye to war seems radically naive. Admire those who display the virtue of courage.
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was that from the air show in toronto?! i saw tons of planes flying around last week
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Yes Vanessa. It was taken from the Islands. Lucky the plane flew just above our heads! I see you like planes as well as the horses I already know you love. :-) Ready for the city and Ryerson?
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Even with a "simple" pic, you always ask interesting questions !
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Ohh my friend, sometimes I do not even know what to say. :D
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Maybe we will think up new myths! Have you seen The Emerald Forest? (I think that is the name).
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I will not be easy. No, I have not heard, is it a poem?
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The Emerald Forest is a movie; I haven't seen it in many years, but I do remember some parts of it. A boy is lost (kidnapped?) in the rain forest and is adopted by a trbe. There is a big contrast between the beauty of the Indian tribe and the horror of the deforested rainforest - Indian women being degraded, etc. The blond American boy becomes the head of the tribe and keeps the mythology of the tribe alive.
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Seems like a good movie! :-)
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I remember so clearly, the little boy grown into a young man, leading his decimated tribe through the rainforest. They were able to 'disappear' into the greenery. I remember him seated with his tribe, passing on the Lore that was taught to him.
I suppose every family does that, family stories as well as family genes - but it was especially poignant when told about a vanishing 'species'.
Nice, this must have been seriously fast exposure.
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Seriously fast and thankful to my G3. It's burst speed is not the greatest, but it does great work. :-)
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