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be my autumn

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* My first entry for ~wacom's contest - "Bring your vision to life: Dreams Contest" *

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long."
by E. E. Cummins

Explanation of the idea:
"I painted a lot.I think it's my first work when I painted over everything,and in plus.
I was inspired by the real autumn from "the outside".I looove everything in autumn,except of the bad weather ^^.
As you can see the girl is related to the earth, as if part of it , as if it would control everything."

I really hope you like it! :heart: "

EXPLANATION of the theme

I tried to explain the idea that I wanted to send in this picture up , but I think it's not enough. The contest theme is "Dreams", and what I tried to illustrate in the picture is that anyone would like to control everything (don't you ? ), not in bad sense, or to control someone / something like a robot, but I referred to control what is around us, which you can not reach, or touch. You can reach/touch the autumn? You can reach/touch the wind? You can touch the feelings? No .. you just feel them. So in terms of the theme photo in contrast to the theme contest, I have tried to combine them in a simple vision of abstract things.

As for me,I would loooove to control everything.It sounds stupid,i know,but i would like to be someone who you can't reach or touch.To attend all the world ^^.This is just my vision of one of my dreams.There will come more...^^
Tha't why I put the girl in the background.Like she's the autumn control,like she control everything.the wind,the u udnerstand what i'm trying to explain here..^^

Dreams will "haunt" us always. You can not exist without not wanting more than possible. I think often the simple things, or to greater things. Whatever you dream of what you wish to be reality, you magnifying glass for him, even if you'll never reach your big dreams,you'll reach other dreams in your "climb" whic you never thought of them.

I hope it was useful.I hope you udnerstood.I hope u like it.Thank you!:heart:


!TifaMephistoStocK ~SheisprettyStock | The background is from *moonchild-ljilja
+ rest is all painted.

close-ups: [link]

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The backlighting of the subject is perfect for setting the mood of this image.
The rule of thirds composition is don nicely as well. The trees on the right hand side lead the eyes back to the highlights of the back grounds, and then the eyes go back to the subject.
The tones and transition of colors are all soft, again adding to the mood and mystery of this subject.
The strongest highlight, almost from a start pointed filter, again, leads the eye back to the subject, as well as where she might be going is a mystery as well.
Keep up the amazing work.
Dale Frazier