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Evening Star




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ok..another entry for "Dreams" Contest held by dA and Wacom.

I will explain my dream down.


"Evening star" is a poem written by Mihai Eminescu.It really impressed me. Read it all : [link]
It tells a story about a girl's dream to meet the perfect lover,but immortal from the sky.The poem shows the differences between the human and the eternal world and the imposibility to be reunited.
The Legend of the Evening Star tells a story about a young princess who prayed to the Evening Star, every night.
The Evening Star falls in love with her and is ready to give up his immortality, for her, when he realizes that pure love he feels for the young maid cannot be shared in the mortals' world.
"There was, as in the fairy tales,
As ne'er in the time's raid,
There was, of famous royal blood
A most beautiful maid.

She was her parents' only child,
Bright like the sun at noon,
Like the Virgin midst the saints
And among stars the moon.

She looks as in the distant seas
He rises, darts his rays
And leads the blackish, loaded ships
On the wet, moving, ways.

To look at him every night
Her soul her instincts spur;
And as he looks at her for weeks
He falls in love with her."

But he is eternal, he never dies, is not like humans who are ready to make mistakes and who are changeable...
Although he doesn't recognize the accomplishment of love desire, he will start and even he will amplify the earthly love.

"And to her room with her slow steps
He bears his steps and aims
Weaving out of his sparkles cold
A toil of shaking flames.

She can only talk with him in dreams...

"She looked at him and smiled, asleep;
He quivered in the glass,
For in her dream he followed deep
To reach her soul, alas!

She speaks with him in sleep and sighs
While her heart's swelled veins drum:
-"O sweet Lord of my fairy nights,
Why comest thou not? Come! "

And he listens and trembles and
Still more for her love craves
And as quick as the lightning he
Plunges into the waves.

The water in that very spot
Moves rolling many rings
And out of the unknown, dark, depth
A superb young man springs.

" From my sphere hardly I come to
Follow thy call and thee,
The heaven is my father and
My mother is the sea.

O come, my treasure wonderful
And thy world leave aside;
For I am Evening-star up from
And thou wouldst be my bride."

But she couldn't understand him...because she's just a human and he's immortal.

" But if thou wantest my flamed love
And that would not be sham,
Come down on this temporal earth,
Be mortal as I am!

-O thou art beautiful as but
In dreams an angel shows,
The way though thou hast opened for me
For me's forever closed! "

At the end of poem Hyperion,the Evening Star don't descends, he is just resingned in his eternal solitude.

" You live in your sphere's narrowness
And luck rules over you -
But in my steady world I feel
Eternal, cold and true! "

It's rather a sad story because the dream doesn't come true...


I hope it was useful.I hope you understood my idea..I hope u like it.Thank you!:heart:


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+ rest is all painted.

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