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The Five Tiger Generals.


*full-view please* :bow:
Tools: Watercolors, watercolor pencils, paper

A work about "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".
Above are the "Five Tiger Generals" of the Kingdom of Shu.
From left to right: Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong

蜀國五虎將 · 關張趙馬黃

由左至右: 二爺,三爺,子龍,錦公子,黃老爺子
希望能夠畫出五位將軍的神韻吧··· ···

對白:<心想> 該不該放曹操一條生路···? ···真是忠義兩難全啊。



對白:<暗自思量> 我該投降劉使君嗎···?


Name: Guan Yu
Place: Huarong Trail
Quote: (Thinking) "Should or should I not let Cao Cao escape? ... It's too difficult to balance fealty and honour sometimes."

Name: Zhang Fei
Place: Anxi County
Quote: "Danger to the people... See if I won't kill you today!"

Name: Zhao Yun
Place: Changban Hills
Quote: "I must protect Liu Shan (A-dou) and return him home safely!"

Name: Ma Chao
Place: Jiameng Pass
Quote: (pondering to himself) "Should I surrender to Prefect Liu?"

Name: Huang Zhong
Place: Tiandang Mountain
Quote: "The Wei troops have fallen into our trap! Tiandang mountain will be ours!"

(Thanks *SinistrosePhosphate for the English translation of the above dialogues! )

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:Thank you for viewing, comments are very welcomed!!:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

I'm going back to work on "The Battle of Bowang"(博望之戰) in the coming days, if you like Zhuge Liang, please wait for it and I won't disappoint you!! OvO

The sketch of this work:

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For more works, please check out my "Three Kingdoms gallery" : [link]
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Brilliant! The details are awesome!
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Thank you very much!
Oh, I loved this one! Wonderful!
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you very much!
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How do you color, simply amazing!
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
This one I used watercolor. OuO
Samsara888's avatar
WOW! Great art; I am amazed! So much brilliant work...
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you for your praising, glad you like my work!!:rose:
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Featured in best of best of the martial arts madness gallery!
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you very much!!:rose: OvO
XTaeKwonDoDoX's avatar
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漂亮的书法! :iconbeardstrokeplz:
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
谢谢!:iconbeardstrokeplz: <--- 这个plz account 好酷啊~! :O
SkipperLee's avatar
Always admired people who can paint, because I can't >.<
...beautiful handwriting, by the way :D
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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Thank you very much!!:rose:
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You're welcome.
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Great result! :clap:
I guess guan yu's favorite color is green? I never see him without green colored clothing. Except in 1 arcade game. :XD:
Amelie-the-Fox's avatar
Thank you very much!!:rose:
In fact I don't know... He is always described as wearing green gown in folk culture for a few hundred years. In the novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", there's a scene that Cao Cao thought that Guan Yu's green gown was old, so he gave him a new, valuable gown as a gift. Guan Yu thanked him but didn't put the new gown on. Cao Cao asked why, Guan Yu said," This green gown was given by my elder brother Liu Bei, I see it as if I see my brother." =)
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